Am a dreamer. A hardcore romantic. I love living life to the fullest and I love writing random stuff about the world around me 🙂 Am aroused by excitement and adventure, I love taking risks and making new friends. I ride an emotional roller-coaster at full speed, I have huge dreams and I will not stop till I leave my legacy behind.

I love being the best in what I do. Success is something that drives me, failures have made me stronger than ever before. I believe that the greatest failure is not trying hard enough to win. Winning is a habit. And I’ve been doing that for the past 23 years.


I love being challenged, running with all my might against time, bumps and roadblocks, I thrive in pressure situations.  Am a quick learner and I love being around people and learning from everyone, be it a security guard or a CEO of a company.

Am willing to stand alone and compete, am willing to collaborate and win, my only concern is: Poor fate doesn’t stand a chance.

I believe in magic. The magic of believing in myself 🙂 Proud to be a scorpio!

This is me. Am Vishnuvardhan.


5 thoughts on “Myself!

    • Thank you so much Delphine. 🙂 I wish that I can make a difference to the world, in my own little way. Thank you for stopping by. I love your poems. They speak volumes. God bless you too!

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  2. Hi Visnu

    Like your blog very much . Post on fake gurus is really good . I posted that on Wattsapp group and I gained some bitterness from art of living followers. But I don’t care truth is more intense than an relatives. Please email me with more such posts as I am doing s project on commercial spirituality, a funny side of this is really welcome.

    Many thanks once again for the blog.

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