To an Eternity . . . In Love ♥

As the last leaf falls from the branches of time,
Drifting slowly, agonizingly, towards nothingness
A heart emptied of love; a soul dead from pain.
I wait in vain for a false dawn – unbecoming,
An unmanifest of emotions, of love.
The earth, moist and tender, caresses me in its embrace,
The rain reminding me of the drop of life left
Within the obscure walls of my heart,
Beating for a love that’s already come by and past
Far, far away. ♥


I love you Dad . . . Always and Forever

I lay on the open terrace beside her. The divine smell of her long, luscious hair traversed the inches that separated my lips from her forehead. The wind stroked me tenderly with its ice cold fingers. The jet black sky was punctuated by the glow of million of stars. The moon beamed with all its glow, happiness personified.  With my outstretched arm, I cuddled her even closer into me. I was in love. Pure. Eternal. Love.

“God’s most amazing painting . . . the night sky. Isn’t it?” I asked her.

She grazed my neck with her tender lips, and ran her fingers across my chest.

“I thought you were his most amazing painting” she said with a smirk.

“Bad joke Maya” I retorted.

I turned my face towards her. A smile was playing on her lips. She looked up into my eyes with her blue eyes that were as beautiful and as deep like an ocean. I searched her eyes, eternally lost in its resplendence. She smiled reassuringly and placed her hand on my heart beating wildly and crazily for her.

I was in the most beautiful place in the universe. The moonlight danced across the whole world, the gentle breeze and the million of stars felt like magic floating in the air.

I closed my eyes. 

My dad was standing over me. I could feel his breath washing over me. He was smiling, grinning at me. I peered back at him, disbelievingly. 


Father - A son's Hero

He smiled. “So happy for you son, that you married the woman of your dreams” he said.

“Like father, like son . . . dad” I replied, grinning.

He smiled back at me. “That’s my boy!”

My dad was my hero. Always was, always will be.

“I miss you dad. Why did you leave me?”

“I never did Vishnu . . . I never did. You can feel me, caressing you always.”

“But you are dead dad . . .you left me.”

“I never died Vishnu ma . . . I’m always alive. In you. Around you. Within you.”

Tears streamed down my face. I missed him like hell.

“Do you love me dad?”

“Always my little one. This moment . . . Every moment. Forever.”

He reassuringly brushed my hair with his hand.

The moonlight filtered through my closed eyelids into my mind. I felt at peace. 

I could feel him smiling down at me. I could feel his warmth, his love flowing through my body, assuring me that his love for me was true, always true.

I wanted to be in that moment forever, suspended in my own dreams, with just him for company.

Maya kissed me on my chest and wiped my tears off my face. She understood my silent communion with the one man I loved beyond the world.

“I love you Vishnu . . . ”

I clutched her fingers even tighter and kissed her gently on her forehead. “Maya  . . . I love you more with each passing day…each passing moment. I’m crazy about you.” The moment I finished speaking, I realized that my dad had told these exact words to my mom moments before his death.

Dad, you are right. You never left me.  

I smiled.

She smiled.

The night sky and the million of stars smiled back at me.

“When I die, where will I go? I will be here in the winds, in the night sky, in the million of stars, in the moments of happiness; and if you loved me, you will feel me around you, always. In your silent moments you will feel my presence. Wherever you are . . . your love will keep me alive…always. And you will find me in your very heart, in your every heartbeat.” he had said to me on his deathbed, his frail arm placed across my heart. 

I remembered.

I lay Maya’s hand on my heart, where I knew my father was. Resting in Love.

I love you dad . . . Always and Forever.

That perfect night . . . ❤

To say I was dreading the dinner party would be the understatement of the century.

However, It was the perfect night.

Rain was falling incessantly on the window panes.

We must have been seated across the table for hours together, lost completely in our own little world. She was looking surreally angelic. Her features were beautifully highlighted in the candle light. The glow in her eyes would have made the sun blush. Her gorgeous long hair swayed in the mild breeze. She wore a stunning off-the-shoulder red prom dress that sent shivers down my spine. If only looks could kill. And then there was her million dollar smile and those delicate honeydew lips. A smile that would sweep anyone off their feet. She was the closest thing to perfection I’d ever known in my life. My insides churned. I struggled in my battle to not lean across the table and passionately kiss every inch of her lips.

The thunder rolled. The pattering of the raindrops against the trees was the only disturbance to the peaceful night. The candlelight danced in the breeze, erotic.

She is like an angel, I thought. She is AN angel, my heart replied.

The food lay on the table unattended. Our hunger was for something else that night.

“Do you want to go for a walk Maya?” I probed.

I looked into her eyes, dreamy and intense. I knew then, that she eagerly anticipated more than just a mere walk in the rain. I allowed myself a little smile as I took her hand in mine.


The drizzle made our bodies wet instantly. We soldiered on, enjoying our little moment together. This was our night, we thought. Every nerve in my body was tingling with excitement. The thumps of our heartbeats grew louder and louder. I could feel it reverberating through my veins. Our minds ached to restrain the hearts’ echoes. We needed each other.

We were completely drenched. It was a cold night. The wind was ruthless. My angel was shivering in the shadows. She was chilled to the bones. Her dress was clinging to her body, pulling at my heart strings. Droplets of rain twinkled on her forehead.

“Let me hug you close to me darling” I said and she ran up to me expectantly. Her sensual brown eyes betrayed her lust. She wanted to make love.

I cuddled her inside my arms, lost in her thoughts. The rain kissed our skins unremitting. The earth was damp and the smell of her moist long hair held me in a trance.

I felt hot and wet at the same time.

I imprisoned her in my hold, conjoined at the hips. I kiss the raindrops off her beautiful forehead. She caressed my chin in her long gentle fingers and urged me to explore other parts of her face. She was impatient tonight. So was I. We needed to make love so badly. My lips found hers, soft, moist and tender. We were eating away at each other like wild scavengers.

“Am yours forever Vishnu…Take me please. Make love to me”

My heart skipped a beat. I felt something rising within me. I loved her…truly, deeply…completely. The rain was still falling relentlessly from the ink black sky, threatening to douse our desires to make love to each other.

We no longer cared.

My tongue explored every inch of her beautiful body, so perfect like a poetic dream. Our juices began to flow. Clothes were no longer a barrier. Two souls melted into one in the intense fire of passion.

She was mine. I was hers.

♬ ❤ ♡ ღ

Love: The Greatest Feeling in the World


2007, August.

She was my first love. I was 17 at that time. Growing up in all-boys school had never given me a chance to be with girls in close proximity. I saw her on the first day of college, and I said to myself “Well . . . she’s the woman I want to marry.”

I was completely smitten by her. She was gorgeous. A beautiful angel. I knew in that instant, that I would love no one else but her. It wasn’t a crush . . . It was love . . . pure love. Love at first sight. I didn’t know anything else about her, but . . . I didn’t care. I just wanted her to be mine. Mine forever. Every part of me wanted her desperately. It was not lust, it was something else. Something pure. Something divine. I felt a connection. I knew deep down, she was the one for me. She was the missing piece of my life’s jigsaw puzzle.

Our eyes had met across the cafeteria table. She was joking around with her group of friends. They looked intimidating. I was really nervous,  but, I couldn’t resist anymore. She was like poison spreading throughout my body; I was completely intoxicated by her. I walked towards her, unsure in my steps. My heart was pumping at a million beats per second. But, I had to tell her.

I stood before her like an idiot. She was busy looking into her cellphone.  All her friends immediately preyed their eyes on me.

I took a deep breath. This is the moment Vishnu, I said to myself.

“Hi Maya” I stammered.

She didn’t hear me. She was still typing a message on her cellphone.

I tried again. “Maya?” I said.

One of her friends nudged her to look at me.

She looked up from her mobile. For a moment, my heart stopped beating completely.

Her eyes . . . they just took my breath away. I could spend my lifetime just looking into those deep, brown eyes. I fell head over heels in love with her . . . all over again.

“Yes?” she said.

“I . . . I know am going to sound like an idiot, and this is not the way I wanted to tell you . . . but, I love you Maya. I loved you from the moment you stepped into this college, I loved you from the moment the wind blew a strand of hair onto your gorgeous face, that made my heart pound louder than a million drums beating together, to this moment when you looked at me with your beautiful brown eyes that made my knees weak and wobbly more than an earthquake ever did. I love you Maya . . . I want to marry you.”

She had a shell-shocked look in her face. The faces of her friends were no better. They were icy-cold. Ready for murdering me on the spot.

“So?” I asked her again.

And, then without warning . . . she started laughing. Hysterically. She couldn’t stop herself. Her laughing was so infectious. Her friends started laughing along with her . . . and I started laughing too.


Soul Mates

I believe in Soul Mates


2010, December 

Tonight, I stand here all alone. My life has just been stripped off me.  I had loved her with all my heart. But, this was the end. The end of our three years together. Only the memories of our love remain with me. Memories that I clung onto dearly. Our breakup was horrible. We could never get back together, that was for sure. In our fury, we said nasty things to each other; Our relationship was beyond repair.

“Never imagined that I could love a girl like you Maya . . . What a mistake. I regret it beyond my life” I screamed. 
“Well . . . you aren’t the only one who made a mistake. Wonder how I fell for a stupid guy like you. I feel ashamed.” she shouted back. 
“Oh ya . . . so, you found that out after 3 years? Typical of you” I smirked back. 
“You lousy idiot . . . Don’t you dare speak to me like that. I’ll kill you.” she screamed, her eyes bloodshot. 
“Oh, you are miss. world aren’t you? Get lost. I will get a hundred girls like you.” 
“Oh ya? Let’s see. Nobody will love such a idiotic fool like you. Get lost. Good riddance.” she turned and walked away. 
It took three years for making our love work, but, just a moment of madness to break it all.


November 5


Two minutes to my birthday. It’s been two years since Maya has been out of my life. There was not one single news of her. I didn’t know how she was. Where she was. I just hoped she was happy. I couldn’t bear being without her. I tried moving on, but, failed. There was always a void in my heart. A void that nobody else could fill.

11:59pm. I received my first call. An unknown number. I picked it up with a huge grin on my face.


“Happy birthday Vishnu”

The voice sounded so familiar. Can it really be her?


“Hi Vishnu . . . how are you?”

“Am fine . . . . Maya . . . this is such a surprise. Didn’t expect you to call me.” All my past love came flooding back to me.

“I love you Vishnu. Hope you are fine without me?”

I burst into tears. I was overcome with emotion.

“It’s been two years. . . but, I keep thinking of you everyday Vishnu. I couldn’t miss you anymore.”

Tears streamed down my face. I was crying uncontrollably. My first love . . . my only love . . .

“I love you Maya . . . These two years . . . have been living hell. I missed you so much.”

“Are you in a relationship with someone else Vishnu?”

“No,” I cried “it’s always been you. . . I don’t want someone else. I love you . . . Only you.”




I believe in soul mates. I believe there is always someone waiting for you. Somewhere in the nook and corner of this world. We just need to open ourselves up, and be ready to receive love.

And, never be afraid to let go of love, when it pains the other person. They say, love can move mountains. Yes, it can move mountains, and stop the world spinning if it wants to.

So let go. If you feel your love is hurting the other person, just let go. I always feel that if the love is true, it will find a way back. Always . . . no matter what the odds are.

And, by the way, this is my true story. So, miracles do happen.

Courage: A Day in the Life of a Soldier

Day#4 of the VIBGYOR CBC challenge.
G for Green.

It was unlike any other day in Maya’s life. She woke up with a splitting headache and a severe pain in her chest. Something was not right. She could feel it in her veins.

 The shrill ring of the landline disturbed the morning peace. Massaging her head, she picked up the phone without a thought.

 “Hello?” she said.

“Maya?” her dad answered.

It was that voice. There was something dreadful in that voice. She knew something bad had happened. Something wasn’t right.

“Ya dad?” she questioned feebly.

“Vishnu is dead, Maya” he whispered, and cried out aloud.

Maya’s hands shook on the phone. Her heart missed a beat. Tears wellled up in her ears. But, she wanted to stay strong. For her dad. For Vishnu.

She nodded, and closed her eyes to shut the tears from flowing down her cheeks. “How did it happen dad?”

“He was shot dead while fighting terrorists, Maya” he said.

She nodded silently.

“Maya? Are you there?” he jerked her out of her thoughts.

“Huh? Am alright dad . . . Will call you back in a while. Take care.”

She put the receiver back, wiped the tears from the corner of her eyes, and smiled.


“I got to surrender Krish”

“Are you out of your mind Vishnu? You can’t do that. You will die. Just let the enemies take over our building. We can’t do anymore.” Krish said.

Vishnu smiled. “You speak just like our politicians do”

“Don’t be stupid! And, please don’t call me a politician. Scold and slap me if you want to” Krishna said, wearing a bemused smile on his face.

It was freezing cold. On top of the himalayan ranges, the temperatures were -20 degrees. Vishnu hadn’t eaten for days. His only source of food was snow. He used to lick it off rocks. He used to squeeze it and drink it. It kept him alive. Vishnu had no bullet proof jacket. Just a sweater. A green sweater on top of his green army attire. It was hardly sufficient. He was shivering because of the cold. He paced up and down the tunnel where they were hiding.

Outside the tunnel, the enemy lay in wait. Gunshots were heard all around. He couldn’t bear it anymore. He had to make sure that India would not surrender. India cannot lose, he thought. He had to give himself up. He wanted to make sure atleast Krish was alive to fight the enemies. He was ready. Ready to sacrifice his life.

He wasn’t afraid to die. He never feared death. ‘Dying when serving Mother India, is never a death. It is nirvana’ he used to say. ‘People living a useless life, with no dreams and aspirations . . . they are the ones who die. Not me.’

He removed his green sweater. “Keep this safe Krish” he said, and suddenly, without a warning, he rushed into the darkness. Into enemy territory.

“Vishnu . . . don’t go!” Krish screamed.

But, it was too late.

The sound of gunshots resonated throughout the tunnel. There was a blast. And then . . . silence.


In the two years since Vishnu’s death, Maya had achieved everything she thought was possible. She had become a famous writer, just like how Vishnu wished her to.

One thing kept her going. The letter. Vishnu’s letter.

She opened the cupboard, and took the letter in her hand. She knew the content by heart. She had read it a million times.

“Dear Maya,

One day this letter will find you when am long dead, and gone. Gone from this earth, yes. But, never from your memories dear. Never away from you. I will love you always darling. Today. . . and for an eternity more.

Am sorry that I couldn’t bid you goodbye, nor could I kiss your beautiful forehead before I departed . . . but, I just want to tell you that I have loved nobody else as much as I have loved you. Not even God can love you as much as I do. I will never go away darling, am always with you . . . look around you, look beside you. I will be there. By your side. To wipe your tears. Be strong my dearest.

In my next birth, I want to love you again. I want to hate you again. I want to marry you again. And, I want to spend my entire life with you again.

I also want to be an army man again dear. I want to serve Mother India. And, I want to sacrifice my life for our nation. Again. I know you will understand my love. For my country.

Promise me that you will never cry dear. Always smile darling, because I love your smile. I will die a hundred deaths just for that smile of yours.

I have enclosed with this letter my green sweater, a hundred kisses, and my heart. I love you.”

A tear fell from the corner of her beautiful eye.

She silently wiped the tear away.

“This one is for you Vishnu” she whispered.

And, she smiled.


soldier crying

“Playing in England, at temperatures of 2 degrees, and winning. They deserve to be treated as demi-gods.” they said of our cricketers.

What about the real heroes who fight tooth, blood, and nail for our country in the Himalayan regions at -30 degrees, with no food nor water?

Green is the color of the the army dress. Green symbolizes prosperity. But, for an army man, it symbolizes pain, and loneliness.

Away from their family, fighting for his country, beheaded like goats by the enemy, while we lie on our couches watching the latest serial on TV.

They deserve to be treated as superheroes. The real Gods of the country.

Remember their sacrifice.

This post is for them. You are my greatest inspirations.

The surprise . . .

“Don’t ever speak to me again Vishnu”

“Sweetheart . . . do understand . . . the meeting is just so important”

“Say whatever you want Vishnu . . . I don’t want you in my life ever after . . . Understand?”

She burst into tears.

I quickened my steps.

“Maya . . . I love you”

“Don’t say that again”, she screamed “You just say empty words”

“Awww darling . . . surely you don’t mean that!”

“Yes I do Vishnu . . . and please stop using names to me! I just hate you to the core”

“Maya . . .”

“Get lost from my life!” she yelled.

I closed my eyes and drew my breath in.

“I’ll make it up to you in a big way Maya . . . I promise. Please don’t cry baby, you are hurting me”

“Don’t you understand what I said . . . It is over, just leave me and go”

Knock . . . knock.

“Just a second . . . somebody’s at my door” she said.

“Next week, we’ll go out to a place that you’d love Maya, its my pro . . .”

“I said WAIT A SECOND . . . Can you for god’s sake listen to me atleast once?!” she screeched irritably.

I stayed mum. I could hear the latch being thrust open and the doorknob turning.



The door opened wide and there she was . . . standing in front of me in her nightclothes, hair strewn across her angelic face.

In slow motion, I saw her face change from exasperation to wild amazement.

She was dumbstruck for the next three seconds trying to gauge what just transpired and suddenly without warning, she lunged forward almost choking me in a big bear hug.

“Maya!!” I exclaimed, surprised but pleased at the same time.

She had a huge smile on her lips and tears on her eyes.

“You ass! I just feel like killing you!” she punched my chest playfully. “Why are you doing this to me Vishnu . . . you made me cry”

“I love you Maya”

“Are you serious Vishnu? You always play around with my emotions like an idiot!”

“Awww darling, I just wanted to give you a surprise” I said and hugged her tightly.

“Hmmmm . . .”

She was lost in the beats of my heart.

The smell of her hair was just so intoxicating even after a rough night.

I kissed her on her forehead.

“Why do you wear nightclothes even now Maya?”

“I didn’t bath yet Vishnu” she said sheepishly.

“Yuck!” I exclaimed with mock disbelief.

“You dirty bag . . . You never bath! Don’t speak!”

“I bath 50 times a day” I teased.

“Oh really?” she probed.

“Don’t wear nightclothes in the morning sweetheart”

“Why??” she questioned, her eyes looking up at mine with love.

“I don’t want the milkman or the newspaper boy to drool over you!”

“Oh . . . I can smell something burning” she mocked.

“Of course sweetheart! I’d love to be the only person to look at you in nightclothes Maya”


“I love you Maya . . . and I mean it.”

She smiled.

“I love you Vishnu . . . more than myself”

We kissed.



“How would you love to be the only person to look at me without nightclothes Vishnu?!”


The first kiss . . .

A heavenly silence swept the night sky, nothing but the mysterious sound of birds disturbed the peaceful surroundings.

Holding her fingers in mine, I looked deep into her eyes and fell in love with the stars that shone bright within those beautiful black pearls. She was MINE.

Sitting next to her, I could hear her breath on me, warm and caressing. I felt a crackle of electricity through my veins, the thumping of my excited heart growing louder by the second. She brushed her beautiful lips against my ears, and whispered softly with a heavenly voice that struck a chord deep into my soul.

“Vishnu . . .”

I fell in love with her at that moment, bewitched by her tantalizing looks I wanted to kiss her . . . Unmindful of the waves that washed my feet clean, I leant forward wishing to hold her in my arms forever.

 “Can we play the lie game again darling?” I probed.

I looked at my beautiful baby expectantly. She looked up at me with her tender eyes…eyes that spoke a thousand words of love.

 “Vishnu, plz . . . I never want to listen to you saying that you hate me even if it is just a game.”

My heart missed a beat. She is ONE awesome woman, I thought.

“You mean the world to me Vish . . . Every inch of my body is yours. Take me.”

“I just need your heartbeats darling . . Nothing else.”  

And we looked into each other’s eyes never feeling the need to break the silence prevalent between us. Time flew past us. Words were a luxury. We were lost in love. Totally.

“Kiss me Vishnu . . .” she said suddenly, breaking the calm of the night.


She was sitting just an inch from me now. She put her fingers into my hair and slowly pulled me close to her. I could feel the hair on my body standing up. My brains ceased to work. My heart was pounding aloud. I felt a sense of excitement and fear together.

I could just see my reflection in her eyes. It was too close. Way TOO close.

I could feel the brushing of my nose against hers, and her beautiful soft lips touching mine. I was in heaven. I closed my eyes and lost myself totally to her.

I never knew who kissed first, but, the taste of her amazing lips lingered on mine throughout the night.

I just knew one thing. I would prefer her lips as my food till the end of my life. And beyond.

“You bit my lips Vishnu, idiotic puppy!” she barked cunningly, looking at me with her naughty eyes.

And suddenly we looked at each other and for no reason, we started laughing our heads out.

“You are a doggy then!” I claimed.

“Never…I don’t even know to kiss properly. But, I guess you are an MBA in kissology. French kiss Expert!”

“Liar!!!! U ate my lips not me. Doggy!”

And we argued and argued before I pulled her close and kissed her once more.

That night, I became hers forever.


There was still just one nagging thought in my mind when I recollected the amazing kiss I shared with my beautiful Maya . . .




Does a puppy know how to French-kiss?




The photo . . .

“Am getting married Maya!” Shruti exclaimed.

“Wow. . . thats great news! When? Where? Who?” Maya screamed back a million questions.

“He is a software engineer working for Google and settled in America! A prize catch it seems! Mom has sent me his photo!” Shruti waved the envelope frantically.

“Open it! Open it!” Maya shouted and tried pulling the envelope away from Shruti’s outstretched arms.

“Easy baby . . . Easy!” Shruti warned, “Here goes . . .!”

She tore the envelope with a whoosh and pulled out the photo.

“Tadaa!” she chanted and showed the picture to Maya.

Maya was silently staring at the photo, all the while mouthing silently.

“Hey! What happened?? How is he looking? Tell me!” Shruti rocked her shoulders.

Maya wasn’t listening . . . She was transported to a world of her own.

*  *  *


Those were beautiful times.

With her eyes closed, Maya rewound her intimate moments with him and played it on a loop inside her memory.

“Will you marry me Maya?” he had asked.

“Is that the way you propose Vishnu?! Huh! Wonder how I ever fell in love with you!” Maya had shot back.

Vishnu smiled. It was a smile that teased her. It was a smile that made her stomach do a somersault. She cursed herself. Have some self-control Maya, she warned her heart.

“So . . . what do I have to do now? I don’t have prior experience in proposing anyone” he reasoned.

“Well . . . you have to go down on one knee and then prop up the question you dumbo!” she laughed.

“Ohoo . . . ok then!” he quipped and lay himself down on the floor.

“Heyyy, what are you doing Vishnu? Get up . . . Get up . . . you’re not supposed to lie down idiot!” she tried pulling him up frantically.

“This is a new way of proposing!” Vishnu quipped. “Will you marry me Maya?”

“You monkey, get up first! You are embarrassing me . . . There are people watching us!” she exclaimed.

“Tell me that you will marry me first!”

“Arrgh…you donkey, you just wait till I beat you to pulp!” Maya screamed sheepishly looking around at all the people staring at him. “I will marry you . . . now get up!”

Vishnu stood up grinning widely.

Maya punched him in the chest.


“Monkey…!” he replied with a straight face.

She laughed. He was really a mental case. Maybe that’s why she loved him so much.

“You are really a pain in the back Vishnu” she quipped.

“So are you Maya. . .” He was still grinning.

She had punched him back again.

“I love you Vishnu . . . and, am ready to be yours forever!”

“I love you beyond the world itself darling . . . I will live and die for you. You will be the only one I will always love. My wife. My world. My life.” he said, taking her arms in his and kissing it gently with his lips.

*  *  *

Tears welled up in Maya’s eyes as she looked at the photo.

“Hey what happened dear?” Shruti asked concerned.

“Nothing . . . Nothing” Maya caught herself. “I was just thinking about how happy I was for you!” she smiled weakly.

Shruti smiled back. She seemed convinced.

“So how is the guy? Mom said he is a prize catch!” she beamed.

“Ya he is . . . surely he is” Maya replied.

“Yippee!!!” Shruti jumped up and punched the air. “The wedding is in two weeks it seems! You will be by my side won’t you?”

“Ya dear . . . I will” she nodded, holding back her tears.

“What is his name by the way?” she asked, even though every inch of her body knew the answer.

“Vishnu it seems! Vishnuvardhan!” Shruti beamed.

Maya nodded. ‘You have gone so far away from me, Vishnu’ she thought to herself.

Tears flowed down her eyes as she thought about the silly fights that led to their breakup. She hurriedly lifted her fingers and wiped them away and put on a smile instinctively.

Shruti squeezed her hand and hugged her happily. Maya hugged her back.

“What will you do if I leave you Vishnu?” she had asked as they lay on her bed together one night.

“I will die darling . . . I will die” he had said, fiddling with her luscious long hair.

Maya smiled. She had stopped crying.

Tears are only for the dustbin.

Thirty years later . . .

I’ve always been crazy about her. She looks the most beautiful when she just gets up from her bed…her night dress crumpled and her long hair in a mess, strewn all over her angelic face. Those striking brown eyes…tired, curled up in a tiny ball revolting against light after a night of darkness. Her hands hide a yawn as she struggles to come to terms with early morning. A yawn so cute, I would die for it.

She gets up slowly from the bed and stands up with difficulty. My beautiful princess. I couldn’t just let myself keep my hands of her. I grab her from behind and hug her close to my body. She smiles and playfully tries to push me away… “Come on Vishnu, no romance in the morning!” she winked. I rest my face on her shoulder and give her a little kiss on her ear. “Cmon baby doll…surely you don’t mean that…I miss you already. I need you as my breakfast” I tease.

She smiles from within and squeezes my hands firmer around her waist. “You sure know how to flirt with me even after so many years”. I blushed and hugged her closer. I wanted to bury my face in her silky long hair. The smell was just so intoxicating. She is as gorgeous as ever, I thought. “I love you baby…You are the only woman in the world I truly love”

She turned around and looked at me with her stunning brown eyes. Eyes that make my knees go weak. “Am growing old Vishnu…” she said suddenly.

I look at my angel. Her long black hair had turned white long ago and her face was scarred by wrinkles. Her lips were looking parched and her eyes were shrunken and she had to wear large framed glasses to see around. Age had got to her.

“You’ve never looked more beautiful darling…” I say. “Am still as crazy about you now as I was thirty years ago…”

She smiles.


“Vishnu…What have you done to me? Am totally crazy about you, don’t forget me ok? I would surely die…You mean the world to me. I love you more than a mother loves her child. You are my little baby…my first baby” she said and hugged me closer to her and rested her head on my heart beating crazily for her.

“That’s not possible dear…” I say sadly. “The doctors have told me that I can’t be cured. Within a year, I will lose my memory permanently”. Tears well up in her eyes. She struggles to stay strong. This is a losing battle, I thought. The woman who made all my dreams come true. The woman who made me believe in soulmates. The woman who swept me off my feet. The woman who was my support through all these years. The woman I love beyond myself. My WIFE. My BEST FRIEND. A year from now, I knew I couldn’t recognise her face anymore. She would become a complete stranger to me. I felt strangulated by emotion.

“Will you stop loving me after a year Vishnu?” she probed.

I give her a sad smile.

“Answer me…Vishnu”

I pulled her closer to me and gave her a kiss on her forehead. She was crying silently and I lifted her head up with one finger. Tears were flowing down her beautiful cheeks. I gently wiped them away and kissed her eyes. “Don’t cry baby doll…Am always and only for YOU.”

“But…There will come a day when I will forget you completely darling…” I continued sadly. “Do remember at that time that this idiot has always and will always love you. My mind can forget you Maya but the moments we’ve shared together are stored well within the depths of my heart…and that can never be erased.”

We stood still looking deeply into each other’s watery eyes for a while.

“Our love will make us survive dear…Till the last breath of my life and beyond, I will always be your husband. If at all I live for the second time, I still want to be yours, marry you and be with you for my whole life even if I have to lose my memory again…”

She smiles and just kisses me on my lips passionately. Love never grows old.