When I Die . . . Do not Cry | Audio

When I die,

Don’t shed tears,


For I lived my life to the fullest,

The way it was supposed to be.

When I die,

Don’t weep,

Raise a toast.

For I achieved all that I aspired to be,

And made a gang of friends and well-wishers.

When I die,

Don’t feel low,


For I always followed my heart,

I never gave up, nor gave anyone up.

When I die,

Don’t lament,

Fly high.

For I was a phoenix rising from the ashes,

After every failure.

When I die,

Don’t weep,


For I lived life as an adventure,

With no fear, nor anxiety,

But always with courage, and confidence.

When I die,

Don’t ponder.

Feel proud.

For I forsake my ego,

I made love my religion,

And hearts my temple.

When I die,

Don’t brood,


For I lived life like a song,

And lost myself in its divinity.

When I die,

Never be sorry.


For I lived life fully,

And, loved with all my heart.

When I die,

Don’t worry,


For I leave the world a better place,

And go back to the One who I always loved.

When I die,

Don’t sulk.


For wherever my soul might be,

Your smile will keep me living on.

For an eternity more.


I recorded this poem in my own (untrained, unedited, unmodified) voice. Hope you like it. 

Instrumental Credit: Nils Frahm. Track Name: Sol.


6 thoughts on “When I Die . . . Do not Cry | Audio

  1. Of course, we will feel sad and cry because you see your achievements and all but we will miss your presence. Lovely verse, VV. Quite poignant and as Andal mentioned, “like a philosopher . . .”

    Joy always,

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