I’m a Casanova – and I’m proud of it!

A girl slips and falls to the ground with a thud. As a fellow human being walking by, I show concern, stop, and extend my arm to pull her up to her feet. She grabs my arm, stands up, pats the dust off her, and smiles at me. I smile back. Suddenly, her smile turns into a frown, her eyebrows are knitted together, her lips are pursed, and she says “Hey, don’t try anything with me. I’m not so easy”.

I walk past her and I notice another woman, morose and lost in thought, and I say “Seems like a hard day”. She turns around, looks at me, gnaws her jaws together and says, “Listen, show your casanova skills elsewhere. Won’t work with me.” Puzzled, I walk past her, and I notice an elderly woman carrying a bag too heavy for her. “May I?” I say, and extend my arm. She gives me the bag, and I admire it for a moment, “Such a nice, cute bag”. She throws me a disgusting look and warns me “Don’t flirt with me ok Kiddo?”.

Yes, you got that right. I have been branded a Casanova. A flirt. All things humanly possible to attribute a guy to. My boy friends say it all the time, “Dude, you are such a playboy!”, my girl friends say it all the time, “Seriously, how much can you flirt?”, and it has only left me puzzled, nonplussed about the reason they attribute me to a Casanova.

Sometimes I wish whatever they say is actually true. 😉 I suck at flirting, and can’t do it for my life! Having fun is such a bad thing nowadays I suppose. Next time, be careful guys, before you shoot your million dollar smile at an old woman walking down the street or asking a fellow passenger for the time. Who knows? You might be called a casanova too.

Flirting - Casanova?

People notice only what they wish to notice. They notice me talking to women. They don’t notice me talk to all those boy friends of mine, all the security guards, the strangers, the beggars, the sweepers, the laundrymen, the waiters, children with whom I play 2 hours everyday…nobody else. They assume that I live in a world filled to the brim with women and no one else.

The naysayers will keep saying it. The world will keep barking. But, one thing is for sure. Ask my friends. My close ones. Male, female, anyone. Young, old, anyone. They would surely say that they have never found a guy who can love everyone unconditionally. I do. I always do. That’s taken for flirting.

My close friends know me as the person I am. I have a family, a grandmother, a mother and a sister whom I hold in the highest regard. I respect and love women for the way they are, the way they rise beyond the social barriers to achieve things they always believed in. I love people…men, women, children…young, old…rich, poor…age doesn’t matter, religion, caste, region..nothing matters.

If spreading love, joy, laughs, happiness, care, beauty and wonder to the world is termed as being a casanova . . . then, yes…Am a casanova. And I’m proud to be one!


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