That perfect night . . . ❤

To say I was dreading the dinner party would be the understatement of the century.

However, It was the perfect night.

Rain was falling incessantly on the window panes.

We must have been seated across the table for hours together, lost completely in our own little world. She was looking surreally angelic. Her features were beautifully highlighted in the candle light. The glow in her eyes would have made the sun blush. Her gorgeous long hair swayed in the mild breeze. She wore a stunning off-the-shoulder red prom dress that sent shivers down my spine. If only looks could kill. And then there was her million dollar smile and those delicate honeydew lips. A smile that would sweep anyone off their feet. She was the closest thing to perfection I’d ever known in my life. My insides churned. I struggled in my battle to not lean across the table and passionately kiss every inch of her lips.

The thunder rolled. The pattering of the raindrops against the trees was the only disturbance to the peaceful night. The candlelight danced in the breeze, erotic.

She is like an angel, I thought. She is AN angel, my heart replied.

The food lay on the table unattended. Our hunger was for something else that night.

“Do you want to go for a walk Maya?” I probed.

I looked into her eyes, dreamy and intense. I knew then, that she eagerly anticipated more than just a mere walk in the rain. I allowed myself a little smile as I took her hand in mine.


The drizzle made our bodies wet instantly. We soldiered on, enjoying our little moment together. This was our night, we thought. Every nerve in my body was tingling with excitement. The thumps of our heartbeats grew louder and louder. I could feel it reverberating through my veins. Our minds ached to restrain the hearts’ echoes. We needed each other.

We were completely drenched. It was a cold night. The wind was ruthless. My angel was shivering in the shadows. She was chilled to the bones. Her dress was clinging to her body, pulling at my heart strings. Droplets of rain twinkled on her forehead.

“Let me hug you close to me darling” I said and she ran up to me expectantly. Her sensual brown eyes betrayed her lust. She wanted to make love.

I cuddled her inside my arms, lost in her thoughts. The rain kissed our skins unremitting. The earth was damp and the smell of her moist long hair held me in a trance.

I felt hot and wet at the same time.

I imprisoned her in my hold, conjoined at the hips. I kiss the raindrops off her beautiful forehead. She caressed my chin in her long gentle fingers and urged me to explore other parts of her face. She was impatient tonight. So was I. We needed to make love so badly. My lips found hers, soft, moist and tender. We were eating away at each other like wild scavengers.

“Am yours forever Vishnu…Take me please. Make love to me”

My heart skipped a beat. I felt something rising within me. I loved her…truly, deeply…completely. The rain was still falling relentlessly from the ink black sky, threatening to douse our desires to make love to each other.

We no longer cared.

My tongue explored every inch of her beautiful body, so perfect like a poetic dream. Our juices began to flow. Clothes were no longer a barrier. Two souls melted into one in the intense fire of passion.

She was mine. I was hers.

♬ ❤ ♡ ღ


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