A Life of Lies: FB, Twitter, Google+ and much more

Grandparents: Love

This weekend, I was at home with my grandparents. My grandma took out an old photo album, dusted it and laid it in front of us. We spent the next 3 hours, reminiscing old memories, sharing jokes about the fun we had, and shedding a tear or two on realizing that the good old times might never come again. To just touch and feel the texture of a printed photograph is divine . . . memories come flooding back to you. There is an inexplicable sense of nostalgia. I lost myself in the love that flowed unbridled through the photos that I held in my hand.

Most of the photos in the album were shambolic. Clicked at the most inappropriate moments, when my hair was skewed, or my smile looked funny, or when I was looking elsewhere. I looked horrible in most of the photos, but . . . that is what made me shed a tear. I was natural. In each and every one of those photos. I wasn’t posing. I wasn’t faking. I was myself. And, I had had the best time of my life.

I have been guilty of it plenty of times, and am sure that you have been victim to it at some point in your online lives. Being addicted. So many times, I realized that the social networks bound me to an alter-ego, that is strangely not me.

I look for the best photos of myself to go into my albums, my best poems to go into my notes, and my best jokes to become my new status update. Who am I ultimately kidding here? Is life all about looking good for someone else? Why must I exaggerate my importance to the world? Can’t I merely live my life my way, instead of worrying about looking good for the cameras?

Why do I care so much about my public image? Does having 5000 friends mean that you are famous? Does having a 100 likes for your photo mean that you are sought after? All the compliments that I give to the people I care about, are through comments.  All the interactions that I have, are through pokes and pings. All the great conversations that I have, are through messages.

I have a life outside of FB, Twitter, and Google +. And, that is my real life. The real life, where I’m in love with myself, with my grandparents, parents, friends and relatives. Self-worth, I realized, is not through the hyped up exaggerated image of yourself that we project, but, what you do about your dreams and passions . . . in real life.

We spend money on clothes, matching earrings, matching coolers, shoes, socks so that we can click that one ‘perfect’ profile picture of ourselves. Why? Simply to please the many unimportant people on our friend list? Our alter-ego has become our identity.

I have written about my grandparents, and my love for them, but, I felt it was time that I showed them how much I care.

Most of the times, I take them for granted, I take my friends for granted, my parents for granted, my relatives for granted . . . but, who knows? Today we are alive, tomorrow we might be dead and gone. Time will not wait for us.

So, the entire day I spent with my grandparents, cracking jokes, reliving memories, laughing, crying and making dosas and kozhukattais together.

In the night, when I had to leave for Bangalore, my grandma gave me a hug, her eyes were moist and she asked me a very simple question “Laddaiya, Who will make dosas for you after I die?”

Tears were my only answer. I have been crying ever since.

Don’t let relationships die. Make time for your offline friends, family, and relatives . . . before they log out of life.


This post is part of the Chennai Bloggers Club’s CBC VIBGYOR BLOG TAG. The color theme for the post was Red.

Red signifies the color of blood. Blood relationships. Friends, Relatives, and Families. Connected by one common bond. The heart.


16 thoughts on “A Life of Lies: FB, Twitter, Google+ and much more

  1. Wonderful post Vishnu 🙂 True that many of us giving more importance for public appearance that never matches our real identity. I wish we give more importance for those who need us truly rather than spending the time just for impressing others. Good take on the issue 🙂

  2. Reading this post, I realise that it’s the verge of something that’s already happening to me. For sometime now, I haven’t bothered what my friend’s latest status is or, who is getting married and posting yet another photoshopped album. To me these days, its the phone that’s coming in handy to connect with people. I’m somewhat relieving my good old days when there was the ‘green’ button to answer the call, and the ‘red’ button to cut the call. In fact, you’ve inspired me enough for my next blog post – the one that has been in the pipeline for a while now.

    Brilliant stuff yet again, and thanks for the #inspiration. Cheers! 🙂

    • Wow. 🙂 I’m pleased to hear that. Waiting for that blog post with bated breath.
      Am happy that you aren’t a prisoner of social media like so many others.
      Thanks for your comment Madhvi! 🙂

      • 🙂
        It’s not like I’m completely out of touch of social media. It’s just I’m active on the groups that I’m a part of. Else, I couldn’t be least bothered. Thanks for the light, and awakening me to rework that post 🙂

  3. Tears welled up as I completed the part when your gramdmom asks that question. This post reminded me of my grandpa who passed on on the first of July this year. I dearly miss him and this post brought back memories. As much as we are glued to Social networking sites, I cannot agree that the life there is that of lies. Not entirely. Sometimes it is an extension of our personality. It we use the same with discretion then I guess it works out fine. But of course, there are addicts who forget the life beyond the social networking sites.

    A super post, yet again!

    Joy always,

    • Yes, I had not been able to answer my grandma’s question still. And, tears keep welling up in my eyes when I think of it.
      Yes . . . it is an extension of ourselves, our social lives. It is important. My point was more to myself, and some social media addicts..I spend hours browsing the net (random gossip, cricket, football, fb) through the day. Somehow, I felt..I can use that to connect to my friends, and family even more. I have taken up writing a letter to them every month. In my own handwriting. 🙂
      Thanks Susan, glad you liked it!

  4. beautiful post.. i was relating every line right from the photgraph to the last line abt the grand mom to my past!,.. we are in the carrot race, mad rush.we are forced to be better, do better, and write better. If we make a simple mistake, there are thousand to come and critisize but when a good thing is done ther will be hardly handful to truly appriciate. So this fear of beeing critisiced pushes us to be a part of the fake rat race. no one tries to project what we are..:) amazing post!

  5. Visiting your blog for the first time Vishnu.. A very true topic conveyed in an honest manner.. Narcissism has slowly crept into our lives. We are constantly thinking of our social media presence even when visiting a scenic mountain or playing with a baby .. Life exists outside the laptop as well.. Well told

  6. Good one Vishnu, yet again 🙂
    All those wonderful pics were taken when you were not part of FB, right ?? Imagine the children of today, who fake their bday and join FB at a very young age and think that this is the way of life !!
    I wish that parents insist the need for bonding with family, for every child is made special in the hugs of a grandparent. I’ve been a special recipient of such grandparental hugs. It soothes the soul. It is compulsory for any childhood to be completed.
    Yes, there is life beyond the social networking and its high time ppl realize it.
    Take a month’s break from FB and come and see – you wouldn’t have missed anything much. So, lets live our life.
    Better, don’t be online all 24*7 with those smartphones !!!
    Am glad you wrote this post based on your own experience 🙂

  7. Beautiful post. It’s kinda why I started posting the photo’s of me not looking a certain way but the ones where I was laughing my head off at something someone in the background said

  8. This is quite an intriguing post. Truly, we live for others’ approval/acceptance and not ourselves.Thank you for sharing this which most of us are guilty of.

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