Eternal love . . . ♥

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* * *

Under a canopy of a million stars, I held his fingers in mine . . . lost in eternal bliss.

It had just rained, and the rainbow that appeared when the sun had set, was still faintly visible.

Time ceased to flow.

The weather was amazingly romantic, inducing poignant thoughts in my mind.

The waves embraced our feet.  The sound of the ocean was sensual and hypnotic.

“Krishna . . .” I turned to face my soulmate.

He turned, and looked deep into my eyes with love.

“Remember our first time in the beach?”

“Ofcourse darling, it was an amazing night wasn’t it?” he smiled blissfully.

I filled the space between his fingers with mine, and squeezed them tightly. I was living my dream. He was my dream. The only person in the world whom I had loved with all my heart.

I smiled.

He lay down on my lap without a warning, and turned his face towards me.

He looked like an angel from the heavens. He smiled peacefully at me.

It was a smile that transcended millions of stars. My heart skipped a beat. Even his tiny actions made me fall head over heels in love with him. Age never diminished the effect he had on me. I stroked his luscious hair and ran my fingers across the lengths of his handsome face. I could feel electricity in my veins. I love him so much, I thought.

He started playing with my fingers and kissed every inch of it with his lips till it was wet.

In the distance, I could make out the silhouette of our daughter, dancing in the waves that engulfed her feet.

“Priya . . . its time. Lets go home sweetheart.” I shouted into the wind that blew past my face.

“Hmph!” she said, and slowly ambled back toward us.

Krishna quickly scrambled from my lap and whisked his fingers away from mine. No romance in front of Priya, he had said. I hid a smile.

But, he was too late. Priya had already seen us.

“Naughty . . .Naughty . . .I saw you both!” she shouted.

Krishna extended his arm towards her.

She glided her fingers smoothly into his outstretched hand, and he pulled her close to him. She fell into his lap without a hint of thought.


“Oops . . . are you ok?” she asked, concerned.

“Ya sweetheart, just that my legs aren’t young anymore. . . Am old you know.” he reasoned.

She hugged him tightly around his chest, and kissed his cheek vehemently.

“You are the best daddy in the whole world!” she declared.

He smiled.

“And you are the best daughter in the whole world!” Krishna declared.

I playfully slapped him across his face.

“What about me then?” I questioned.

Krishna looked at our daughter, they both had a glint in their eyes. He winked at her, and they both turned towards me.

“You are the worst enemy in the world” they said together.

I laughed.

“I hate you both!” I said.

“We hate you too” they said together.

Krishna lay his head on my shoulder.

I kissed him on his forehead.

“I love you so much my dearest soulmate. Am nobody without you. You are my world” he said.

He looked up at me with his intense brown eyes. I felt goosebumps all over my body.

I held his fingers in mine, and kissed them with my lips delicately. He tasted like strawberry, my prince.

“Ahem” Priya cleared her throat, breaking the bubble that Krishna and I were in together.

“Public Public” she mocked.

“Oops . . . ” I said sheepishly. “My stupid heart!”

We all smiled.

“You got to tell me your love story today daddy!” Priya ordered.

“Our love story?”

“Yes, I want to hear all about it!” she said.

“Hmm . . . the story . . . ok . . . where do I begin?” I looked at Krishna helplessly.

“The first time we met Vishnu ma . . . begin there” he answered.

“When I was wearing that violet shirt?”

“Yes . . . ”

I looked at Priya, and cleared my throat.

“I have two of the world’s most amazing daddies!” she exclaimed.

I smiled. “Yes, you do.”

“So . . . Let me begin then sweetheart” I say.

And, with God, the rainbow and millions of stars in the sky listening in, I began my story . . .

* * *

The rainbow flag is a symbol of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender rights.

This post is to support their rights, and their choices. True unconditional love prevails, irrespective of gender, and orientations. Let us open up our minds, and embrace the world with no preconceived notions.


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