What Paul Walker’s death taught me . . . Living Life

What Paul Walker's death taught me

This week has been pretty disturbing. I always thought that we would live on forever. Always thought that we have an infinite number of years to live. I couldn’t be more wrong. In the space of two days, two of my heroes died. A Hollywood superstar at the age of 40 in a gruesome car accident, and a manager of an IT company who I used to work with. He was just 38. And, he died of a heart attack.

Life keeps throwing curveballs at you and we never expect the end to come so abruptly. Never would Paul Walker have thought that it would be his final car journey. The man who never used a double for all his deadly death-defying stunts in the Fast and Furious series. Dead. Sitting in the passenger seat of a car that he would have driven like a toy. The irony is just too much to bear.

And my dear friend? The manager at an IT company? A heart attack at 38? He was one of the fittest men I knew. Life is cruel.

All these incidents made me realize that I should never take my life for granted. Whatever I need to achieve, I must achieve it as fast as possible. There is now an urgency in the pursuit of my dreams. A hurry. I realize that time is short. Life is abrupt. I never know what would happen to me tomorrow. All I know is that I woke up in the morning today, hale and hearty. I thank God for that.

All those endless hours browsing facebook, wasting time for hours on end doing nothing, those useless chats with the same boring “What did you eat?” messages, the stupid TV serials that I end up watching just to waste some time . . . is not something that I will be remembered by.

Life is short.

Too short.

What I should be remembered for is the legacy I leave behind.

Pursue, strive, and die for fulfilling your dreams. You have just one life. A very short one.


One thought on “What Paul Walker’s death taught me . . . Living Life

  1. I never believe in life for forever concept.. It is all luck and your Karma.. So Every time i use to tell my husband..Just enjoy your moment.. Just because you have high expectation you are leaving the small happiness which is happening around u .. Life is unpredictable. Do what ever u can and what ever u want. Even now a days i am thinking about the endless hours in the facebook and browsing.. Good one and well written.

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