Farewell my love . . . ♥

Alone in the dark, I lie in wait,

And stay awake though my eyes are full of sleep,

I see you sleeping on our bed, in peace,

But, am afraid.

I’m scared that you would leave without a word

I’m scared that this is the end

I know you hate me now,

You always did. You always will.

But, I just need you to say goodbye

Leave, but, with a parting kiss,

and a hug for a minute or two,

Make my life void again,

But, make me feel at peace

Leave me with a memory.

I grope around in the dark looking for you

Frantic, I hunt in vain,


But . . . you are gone . . . gone with the wind.

Without a word . . . without a touch . . .  without a memory left behind,

Tears flow like a river in fury,

But, you are beyond miles apart,

You are gone my angel. . . Far . . . far away.

My life is dead.

My heart beats away in vain, for you.

Always for you. Only for you.

But, you never know.

You never knew. You never will.

I walk away a mere corpse now,

Dead. But alive.

Farewell my love . . . ♥


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