Thought for the day: Embrace criticism


When people criticize me, I shrink into this protective shell. I keep fearing that it is an attack on my being, and a criticism of me as a person.

What I realize is that criticism must be looked upon as an event that is not connected to a person’s self-worth. The criticism is on the incident that has occurred, and not a personal attack on my values.

A criticism is at best a description of the immediate past. It does not describe nor determine your future, unless you allow it to.

As Osho puts it, we must merely be a witness to life unraveling all around us instead of being a victim of the circumstance.

Criticism must be analyzed with an open mind. It is better to have negative feedback than no feedback at all. It makes us grow as a person, as a human being.

Embrace criticism . . . and life will embrace you in its celebratory jig.


One thought on “Thought for the day: Embrace criticism

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