Manic Monday . . .

*This post is part of The Chennai Bloggers Club’s Manic Monday series initiated to keep the spirit of blogging alive and challenging.*


The warning bells ring aloud,

Dreams abruptly clogged,

A jolt of realization,

Of the day ahead,

A slap to the head,

A sigh

A groan

A yawn

Dragging our feet to the battle beyond.


A harried brush,

An obstinate bath,

A hurried breakfast,

An awkward goodbye,

Events rush past,




We run with the wind,

Swim against the tides,

Battle the knives and swords of tongue,




We return triumphant,

to our abode, every Monday night.


We try to just survive.

Just breathe.

Just live.


Lying on our beds, wide awake,




For peace.

A glassy look at a pitiful world,

A murmur or two,

A lament to God.

We keep searching for peace.

Everywhere else.

But, never within.


One thought on “Manic Monday . . .

  1. Gosh, the spirit of Monday unfolds quite well in your verse. But the beauty in your verse is not at all present in the real manic Mondays.

    Enjoyed the read.

    Joy always,

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