A letter to God

Dear God,

I have questions aplenty,

Do you keep working 24×7,

Don’t you have any shifts?

When do you find time to sleep,

To brush your teeth

And comb your hair?


Do you work from home

Or do you have an office?

Do you wear formals or casuals?

Or do you wear anything at all?

Do you Skype, fb or tweet?

How do you stay LinkedIn?


When do you go on paid leave?

Do you have an allowance for being sick?

Or an allowance for working overtime?

Do you get paid in euros or dollars?

Or in pounds and rupees?


If you are working for free 24×7,

Don’t be naive God,

Ask for a salary hike from your boss,

Take days off, go on a holiday,

Be treated like God needs to be treated.


If this is the way you get treated,

Then thank you God,

I don’t want to become you,

I’m better off as a human being.


What do you think?

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