The surprise . . .

“Don’t ever speak to me again Vishnu”

“Sweetheart . . . do understand . . . the meeting is just so important”

“Say whatever you want Vishnu . . . I don’t want you in my life ever after . . . Understand?”

She burst into tears.

I quickened my steps.

“Maya . . . I love you”

“Don’t say that again”, she screamed “You just say empty words”

“Awww darling . . . surely you don’t mean that!”

“Yes I do Vishnu . . . and please stop using names to me! I just hate you to the core”

“Maya . . .”

“Get lost from my life!” she yelled.

I closed my eyes and drew my breath in.

“I’ll make it up to you in a big way Maya . . . I promise. Please don’t cry baby, you are hurting me”

“Don’t you understand what I said . . . It is over, just leave me and go”

Knock . . . knock.

“Just a second . . . somebody’s at my door” she said.

“Next week, we’ll go out to a place that you’d love Maya, its my pro . . .”

“I said WAIT A SECOND . . . Can you for god’s sake listen to me atleast once?!” she screeched irritably.

I stayed mum. I could hear the latch being thrust open and the doorknob turning.



The door opened wide and there she was . . . standing in front of me in her nightclothes, hair strewn across her angelic face.

In slow motion, I saw her face change from exasperation to wild amazement.

She was dumbstruck for the next three seconds trying to gauge what just transpired and suddenly without warning, she lunged forward almost choking me in a big bear hug.

“Maya!!” I exclaimed, surprised but pleased at the same time.

She had a huge smile on her lips and tears on her eyes.

“You ass! I just feel like killing you!” she punched my chest playfully. “Why are you doing this to me Vishnu . . . you made me cry”

“I love you Maya”

“Are you serious Vishnu? You always play around with my emotions like an idiot!”

“Awww darling, I just wanted to give you a surprise” I said and hugged her tightly.

“Hmmmm . . .”

She was lost in the beats of my heart.

The smell of her hair was just so intoxicating even after a rough night.

I kissed her on her forehead.

“Why do you wear nightclothes even now Maya?”

“I didn’t bath yet Vishnu” she said sheepishly.

“Yuck!” I exclaimed with mock disbelief.

“You dirty bag . . . You never bath! Don’t speak!”

“I bath 50 times a day” I teased.

“Oh really?” she probed.

“Don’t wear nightclothes in the morning sweetheart”

“Why??” she questioned, her eyes looking up at mine with love.

“I don’t want the milkman or the newspaper boy to drool over you!”

“Oh . . . I can smell something burning” she mocked.

“Of course sweetheart! I’d love to be the only person to look at you in nightclothes Maya”


“I love you Maya . . . and I mean it.”

She smiled.

“I love you Vishnu . . . more than myself”

We kissed.



“How would you love to be the only person to look at me without nightclothes Vishnu?!”



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