Colorless . . .

colorless butterfly

My life ceases to flow, ceases to be colored,

Rendered black and white, bereft of its soul.

There was a time, when I had been a leaf,

Floating down the river of life, guided by the

Currents, God’s hand gently pushing me through,

There was a time, when I had been a drop of rain,

Looking so divine on the perch of the lotus,

A thousand lights flowing through my body,

Like heaven on earth and an abode of the being.

A storm spread its magnificent wings,

Spreading fear and hate in its wake,

The river began its tumultuous journey, and

I was lost in the shadows of the sea, crushed,

Never to float again, never to love again,

Never the same leaf again, oh so innocent.

The sun shone black, the sky turned white,

My life ceased to flow, my life ceased to be colored,

The lotus sank into the mighty God of water,

And I too drowned, as a drop, as a messenger

Of life’s pitfalls, Of God’s satire, oh so alone.


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