When everything seems lost . . .

I’ve grown up listening to people who keep saying that life isn’t simply a bed of roses and that to succeed is almost impossible given that odds are stacked heavily against you. So much so that I almost believed in whatever they said. I prepared myself to be one amongst the crowd as I deemed myself to be lacking talent to reach the top of the victory mountain. I allowed myself to become one amongst those millions fighting everyday odds to just survive and witness tomorrow’s sunrise. I allowed myself to become mediocre.

Inspite of it all, I’ve managed to achieve a fair bit in my life that might be a “dream-come-true” for the countless underachievers out there, but . . . its never going to be enough for me. I’m not planning to down in history books as an also-ran, I want to make a difference to the world in my own way. Today, I promise myself that I will never let me weigh myself down and never to underestimate the talents that are stocked in my arsenal. I believe the greatest sin in life is to merely get settled into your comfort zone and never rise above the odds to win. I’ve done that for the past 23 years and I’ve had enough of it.

So, as Nora Ephron says . . . Am gonna let myself be the hero of my life, not just its victim. Am a dreamer, am a thinker . . . now, I just need to strive to become the doer. Am gonna promise myself that this is my dream and that nobody else is gonna live it for me. I will keep pushing harder against the walls of failure till it breaks and opens up avenues for success. I know its going to be difficult, almost impossible . . . But, I’m not going to back down. Instead I will look fear in the eye, till it backs down. Am going to win. I need to win. I’m never going to give up. EVER.

Winning against all odds

I know there will be moments when I will be drained physically, mentally, emotionally, but . . . I need to keep going. I need to keep fighting my way through. Nothing comes easy . . . . Am ready for the battle. I know I’m up against all odds and all the negative energies around me that try their hardest to push me down, but . . . I will not budge. I will stand tall amidst it all, and emerge a winner. Am a warrior. I will fight for my dreams till the last ounce of life is drained out of me. Am ready to set myself on fire for the cause because what matters in the end is not the effort but the result. Its not a mere dream anymore . . . Its my destiny.

I remember what Johnny Depp once said . . . “Just keeping moving forward and don’t give a shit about what anybody thinks. Do what you have to do, for you.” I will constantly promise myself that I will give myself an abundance of hope, joy, pleasure and happiness in winning beyond my wildest dreams by striving and shedding blood, sweat and tears for the cause. Failure isn’t an option for me. Only success is. And I know am going to succeed because I’m crazy enough to think that I can.

So, I’m going to be strong and courageous and put on my bravest face against the odds of failure and fear, push myself towards the very limits of existence and then push some more, lose more than what I have and strive and cry and beat myself up to rise from the ruins like the mighty phoenix from the ashes and emerge victorious. The world remembers only winners and never losers, and tomorrow . . . the world will remember me too.


What do you think?

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