Thirty years later . . .

I’ve always been crazy about her. She looks the most beautiful when she just gets up from her bed…her night dress crumpled and her long hair in a mess, strewn all over her angelic face. Those striking brown eyes…tired, curled up in a tiny ball revolting against light after a night of darkness. Her hands hide a yawn as she struggles to come to terms with early morning. A yawn so cute, I would die for it.

She gets up slowly from the bed and stands up with difficulty. My beautiful princess. I couldn’t just let myself keep my hands of her. I grab her from behind and hug her close to my body. She smiles and playfully tries to push me away… “Come on Vishnu, no romance in the morning!” she winked. I rest my face on her shoulder and give her a little kiss on her ear. “Cmon baby doll…surely you don’t mean that…I miss you already. I need you as my breakfast” I tease.

She smiles from within and squeezes my hands firmer around her waist. “You sure know how to flirt with me even after so many years”. I blushed and hugged her closer. I wanted to bury my face in her silky long hair. The smell was just so intoxicating. She is as gorgeous as ever, I thought. “I love you baby…You are the only woman in the world I truly love”

She turned around and looked at me with her stunning brown eyes. Eyes that make my knees go weak. “Am growing old Vishnu…” she said suddenly.

I look at my angel. Her long black hair had turned white long ago and her face was scarred by wrinkles. Her lips were looking parched and her eyes were shrunken and she had to wear large framed glasses to see around. Age had got to her.

“You’ve never looked more beautiful darling…” I say. “Am still as crazy about you now as I was thirty years ago…”

She smiles.


“Vishnu…What have you done to me? Am totally crazy about you, don’t forget me ok? I would surely die…You mean the world to me. I love you more than a mother loves her child. You are my little baby…my first baby” she said and hugged me closer to her and rested her head on my heart beating crazily for her.

“That’s not possible dear…” I say sadly. “The doctors have told me that I can’t be cured. Within a year, I will lose my memory permanently”. Tears well up in her eyes. She struggles to stay strong. This is a losing battle, I thought. The woman who made all my dreams come true. The woman who made me believe in soulmates. The woman who swept me off my feet. The woman who was my support through all these years. The woman I love beyond myself. My WIFE. My BEST FRIEND. A year from now, I knew I couldn’t recognise her face anymore. She would become a complete stranger to me. I felt strangulated by emotion.

“Will you stop loving me after a year Vishnu?” she probed.

I give her a sad smile.

“Answer me…Vishnu”

I pulled her closer to me and gave her a kiss on her forehead. She was crying silently and I lifted her head up with one finger. Tears were flowing down her beautiful cheeks. I gently wiped them away and kissed her eyes. “Don’t cry baby doll…Am always and only for YOU.”

“But…There will come a day when I will forget you completely darling…” I continued sadly. “Do remember at that time that this idiot has always and will always love you. My mind can forget you Maya but the moments we’ve shared together are stored well within the depths of my heart…and that can never be erased.”

We stood still looking deeply into each other’s watery eyes for a while.

“Our love will make us survive dear…Till the last breath of my life and beyond, I will always be your husband. If at all I live for the second time, I still want to be yours, marry you and be with you for my whole life even if I have to lose my memory again…”

She smiles and just kisses me on my lips passionately. Love never grows old.


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