The greatest love in the world . . .

The climate is amazingly romantic, inducing beautiful poignant thoughts in my mind. I float in mid-air, with wings of angelic proportions, wishing to travel to heaven and back with my beloved. Butterflies flutter in my stomach, a churn, a moan….I feel blissful. This is life.

Love is in the air….!

I came back to my hometown to visit my grandparents, the greatest pilgrimage possible. Lifted by Mother Nature’s constant shower of love, I understood that something special was about to happen. something to strike a chord of my heart maybe? Standing in front of my grandma and grandpa, I realized….I fell in love. AGAIN.

Grandma was grinning at me with the ten remaining teeth that she had, a smile that conveyed her age, but, a smile that transcended millions of stars and made my heart flutter with unimaginable feelings of pure love. At the age of 68, she ran towards me, filmi style…and, she hugged me. Forgetting her husband for a moment, she was kissing me on my cheek passionately, trying to stop her tears all the while. Never before had I realized that she loved me so much, never before had I realized that I loved her so much. She is my grandma, always MINE.

With an umbrella-cum-walking stick in hand, clad-in-white grandpa was affection personified, I could sense a thousand words of love flowing out of his wrinkled face, ogling at me through his glasses that made his beautiful eyes a blur. And, when he finally said “Laddaiya…” I felt lost. In the pathway of heaven, I was on a garden of roses. My grandpa, always loved me much more than anyone else in the whole world. He is my role model, my all, my everything. Even his silent loving look conveys meanings unfathomable.

Lying on my grandma’s lap, I could feel tiny tear drops threatening to break through my eyes, I thought I learnt about love, I thought I knew everything about love. When she stroked my hair with a heart oozing love, I realized how grossly miscalculating I was. Nothing can ever replace the love of my grandparents. No one can take their place. I wished time went on forever, I wish they would remain for an eternity with me, just their mere presence would make me fall in love again. But, things have to move on, my heart said. They have to move on, it prodded. They can’t stick around forever, it reasoned.

As I saw the painful truth dawn in front of me, I couldn’t stop myself from leaking a few teardrops. My grandma, my grandpa, I would love to say just one thing to both of you. If there is a life after death, I wish am reborn with you again. I wish I lie on your lap again. I wish I fall in love with you again. I wish though to not be your grandson. It takes too long to become grand-parents. I wish I’m born as your son. Love you both to the core till the end of my life.


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