Am I a mere lust machine?

Am I merely a lust machine

For the world to use?

Do I have just a face and a body

And no heart nor soul?

Do we only get aborted or killed

Or used just for sex?

Am I merely raised

To be your lamb for slaughter?

Why am I treated

Like a slave not a daughter?

Why must I cover myself from head to toe

Why don’t you just stop uncovering your manhood?

Your heads must hang in the gallows

Why am I still supposed to hang my head in shame?

You are tainted with lust and painted with sex

Why am I alone called tainted and painted?

You rape me when am 2, you rape me when am 60

Do you think we are just your plug and play?

You use me like a filthy rag cloth

Why then do you care about what we wore?

You screw my happiness for your pleasure

Am I just your fucking whore?

You toyed around with my vagina

What do you think I am . . . your sex toy?

You pulled out my intestines for fun

What do you think they were . . . Noodles?

Dreaming Tears

Injustice is instant

Why can’t justice be too?

No passerby dared to come near

Am I worser than a pile of dog shit?

You are talking about me losing virginity

Where have we all lost our humanity?

Am I just one of your sexual whims

Would you rape your own mother too?

The world isn’t safe for us to sleep in

And still you ask me to rest in peace?

Is the only mistake I did

Was be born a girl?

You destroy my honor! Am a strong woman

Why destroy my parents’ hopes too?

Making love to me was your hideous dream

Are my dreams fit only for the dustbin?

I cried out in pain, you paid no heed

Why will you listen had I cried out to Gods?

There are millions of Gods in the world

Isn’t there not a single human being?


What do you think?

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