Sweat . . . Blood . . . Tears

To questions hitherto posed,
I have no answers!
To answers henceforth retorted,
I have no questions!

I soar to pinnacles yonder
Like a man of my dreams!
I come alive akin a condor
Beheld In my enemies eyes!

I manifest the skies beyond
Cradling in my wishers grace!
I stand true to the world
Embellished with a grimy face!


I smile enmeshed with satisfaction
Bejeweled with a crown of thorns!
Am fulfilled with mirth adorned,
Lo! An infinite Kurushetra scorns!

Am born again every day
Loved absolute in my love’s laps!
Am nailed alive to the cross
Wedged In gory beasts’ traps!

Smiles embroider every grain of my visage!
A heavenly satisfaction on my grave!
I walk alone a path of bloody thorns,
Emerge triumphant in a journey of the brave!

My poems arise a new dawn within
Silence being my life’s new essence!
Sweat and tears are my new coronet!
Forever my crown through my senescence!


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