The ironies of the heart . . .

5th August, 2011

As the day draws to a close, it’s funny to realise how much the heart yearns for attention even though you are a big man in the corporate world. It’s funny that we keep craving that somebody showers a little love and care on us every single time. We don’t ever get tired of getting noticed. After all, it comes free.
So, as the entire family was shopping for my sister, I was looking around like a headless chicken in a swimming pool. Come on guys, I am here too !!
It gets even more irritating when your mom finds you to be the best man for selecting items for your sister. “That black shoe is better for her mom” “That sari will suit her” “Those bangles will look awesome with the saree” “Buy that chain too, it’ll be a nice combination for that bangle” and suddenly your mind comes up with random thoughts “Hey buddy, your mommy is using you..!!” and then it pounds the message into you “Dude, she hasn’t even thought about you for a second”
As you seem to realize that your mind is probably true, your heart fails a beat. You don’t like to be sidetracked. Not even if you are 21 years old. That is MEAN. Period.
Negative thoughts should never drive positive thoughts away, but, this was one incident that will remain etched in my heart forever. I went around the shopping mall buying stuff for myself, all the while learning to bargain and pester the shopkeeper to keep following me around till he reduced the price of my Lee Cooper shirt from Rs. 875 to Rs. 200. It was so much fun. . . 😀
And, finally when I showed my mom the 3 t-shirts that I got for myself, she suddenly remembered that she had a son too and came up with puppy faces and dialogues out of watching too much cinema “Oh poor kiddo, I didn’t buy him anything” “Come..let’s go buy something”. I didn’t want any of those false showers of love and my bitter tongue came to the fore and said “That’s alright mommy, I can buy stuff on my own”
This is a lesson for myself in my quest to be the perfect dad. One day, when I adopt kids, I want to be a great father to them. I want to grow everyday even as my kids grow. And, I will promise my kids right now that I will never ever overlook the other in my quest to satisfy their whims and fancies. I will understand that girls need to be spoilt for choice, and, I will also understand that boys have a heart that craves equal attention too.
I want to raise my boy and girl together hand-in-hand as the best father in the whole world.

What do you think?

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