Lost . . .

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Amidst the sands of the infinite ocean I lay,

The moon gleams and makes me think of you,

I close my eyes and feel your warmth beside me,

Your arms caress my chest with oodles of love,

My heart flips at your touch, and stops beating,

I look up at your heavenly face, so perfect in the moonlight,

Your beautiful eyes with a depth like the oceans beyond,

Sensing your lips next to my ear, I feel bewitched,

You move closer and I can hear your breath on me,

My hair stands on end, oh, so transfixed in the moment,

And with a smooth, silken voice you whisper Vishnu . . .

My veins crackle with electricity, I long to hold you in my arms,

Never to let go, my hearts yearns for your smell,

I grope around in the dark and I find just emptiness.

Oh my dear, we are miles apart, I can hear your laugh,

To watch you leaving is like a sword to my heart,

My future in tatters, I can hear our unborn childs cry,

Your dry eyes betray no emotion, unforgiving,

I succumb to tears, watching you leave . . .

Lost in lost love, I cry aloud for the both of us,

Because my dear, I know you will not cry for me.


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