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(my thoughts about a female prostitute)

In the dark dungeons of my dreams, lies a shocking revelation,

A truth buried and obscured in the deep reaches of my heart,

Better to be hidden for good, than revealed, the voice of my soul.

And, when I did sleep under him, it was pleasure for money

And, as the vision of my corpse rose towards the heavens,

I felt complete, an odd sense of satisfaction of a cause well done.

I lost a losing battle against the man on top of me, bereft

of all compassion and pride, come-passion and crime,

I was entangled, the electricity flowing through my veins,

and, as he kissed my lips, a tear fell from my eyes,

reaching the lower echelons of my bed that was my graveyard.

I kissed my child goodbye, not knowing if we could live another day,

In the final moments, I ran my fingers through every inch of her,

And, as I thought about her future, I felt sick, deprived

Of everything good, what have I left her with except myself ?

I gave myself up to this man, I couldn’t remember his face,

Because through him I saw my only child, and her cry for food.

Food comes at a cost, no cost too big for a mother to pay,

I was prepared to pay with my life, another extreme end,

And, when I cried in pain, it echoed of my child’s laugh,

Through the tears that lingered in my eyes, I smiled at her,

I could feel her caressing fingers on me, I was going back to her,

Victorious in the race against time, I got my pay, a heavy package,

And I rushed out of the room to my beloved, and I kissed her,

And together we went out to eat. - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more


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