Silence is no answer . . .

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(this DOESN’T reflect my current state, its just a, read on)

Finally I look into your eyes,

Bursting to question you about our past,

Blurred and tinged with rust,

I deny that you are finally not mine.

Through life’s storms we rode,

Hand-in-hand, lost in love,

And, suddenly the sky darkened and I lost grip,

Your hand was slipping away from me,

You were moving too far..too fast.

I struggled to come to terms with your loss,

Even now, I cry…night in and night out.

Why did you leave me for someone else ?

What did he give you that I could not offer ?

I need answers dear, I see you here..happy with him.

My own unhappy future breaches through,

My soul eaten up by your cunning thoughts,

You played with me, my heart…my life.

And, still I cant hurt you, nor hate you.

Tell me why…you went away leaving me alone,

Groping in the dark for your hands, for your love,

My eyes meet yours questioningly,

I need reasons, I need answers from you,

But, please don’t look at me like that dear, I fall in love,

Turn your face away and tell me why…

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