Death and life

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Standing on the edge of life, ready
To jump into the abyss of death, I stood still,
Looking back on my lost love, I felt betrayed,
Left alone by the one whom I loved the most,
Beyond life, beyond imagination, I began to lose my breath
Again, I began to nauseate, I couldn’t take it anymore,
Thinking of her killed me, her smile cut through me,
Blood oozed out, all my love, all my soul, and I felt


I jumped…

Pitched head first into darkness, I knew the end was near,
I was approaching the bottom, I closed my eyes, and waited,
For the crunching noise of my love-sick head on the rocks,

Waited… waited… waited…

I was flying, this wasn’t death, this was something else,
I felt bliss, the brilliant sunshine in my eyes, I could feel
Secure arms around me, holding me close, a chilling warmth,
I thought I was dead, but, I somehow found . . . LIFE.

Surely an angel from the heavens, I found myself again,
Lost myself in love again, sharing passions, dreams, desires,
Our two hearts beat as one, destined to cross paths,
She is my god, my present, my future, my sunshine, and
I bloomed with her unselfish love, my past lay…

Forgotten. . .


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