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God is truly amazing, sometimes, I wondered,
Why he gave me, two eyes, two ears,
Two legs and two hands, but only one heart ?
But, then I realized, oh…you have the other…!
My love for you can never be explained,
My silence when I look at you speaks much more
Than the words filling these pages,
But, never mind, I want to enjoy my time wit yo,
I’d always admire God for what he does,
Things we love remain only for a few moments,
Like a passing cloud, a rainbow, your smile,
God gives me an angel, but, then, threatens
To take her away at 23, to me you are everything,
And when you leave me, I will be left wit nothing.
Nothing but your memories, my dearest,
But, it is enough, I’d go without food, water, shelter,
But, never in my life would I survive without
You. - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more


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