The night…

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One day you will turn around and ask me,
“How much do you love me ?”
And with a blank face, I’d look at you,
And say, how can my love be measured ?
It’s like the ocean, infinite, vast, and never-ending,
My love can never be measured, it’s not
How many times I say I love you,
It’s just how much I really do, one day,
I’ll look up into the starry night sky,
And I will look for the moon, for in the moon,
I see you my angel, they say loving you is wrong,
But, I say to them, I never want to be right again,
And, I will always love you, through the length,
Breadth and depths of my heart, my dearest,
I know my time is short, you will marry someone,
And I’d have to say goodbye to you, but, never
Will I stop loving you, you are my heartbeat,
Why am I afraid to lose you when you are not mine ?
For that I have no answer, but, sometimes I believe,
Saying goodbye is just a painful way of saying,
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