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Just promise me this, one day
when it’s time for us to part,
to take the different routes God
gave us, you’ll look back, and,
remember the times we spent
together, once your tears have dried,
and your spirits soar again, you will
sit back, touch your heart, take these
poems out and read them, a tear
will fall from your beautiful eyes,
and I just hope that wherever I might be,
In India, America or heaven, I’d be
By your side to wipe your tears,
Not physically, but, atleast in your memories,
You’d remember that this guy wanted you
To never cry again in your life, and,
Out of the respect for an idiot who loved you,
You’d lift your heavenly fingers,
And just wipe the tear off your cheeks,
And say to yourself, this one is for you Vishnu.
And I promise you, wherever I might be
At that point of time, I will sense your actions,
And I will smile, and fall in love again.

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