Joy of my life…

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Sometimes I’d approach you to speak to you,
And, then, something happens, mind blanks,
I get Alzheimer’s…I’m still not able to decipher,
It’s got nothing to do with love, but,
Something to do with YOU… My beautiful angel,
I agree, all the times we spent together,
Will remain etched in my memory,
No one can take it away from me,
I will live in my fantasy world, hoping
In my wildest dreams, I can be with you
Forever, but, I know my time is short,
Four years is all that I’ve got…

You know about me, don’t you ? I know my limits,
I’d never dare to exceed them, hurting you
Will surely kill me more than your silence will.
I don’t need the world to be happy,
I need you for YOU are my world,
The closer you are to me, the happier I am,
You don’t need to be perfect,
But you are so perfect for me,
In you, I have found myself, and,
In you, I’ve found the greatest joy of my life,
And, When I am wit you, I never want to leave…
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