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Three years have passed, flown like the wind,
All that remains are the memories of you and me,
Together, the happiness, the joy, the pain, the sorrow,
And I wonder if I’d forever be a fool,
Loving you, yearning for you, your smile,
Oh…but, I remember, the days you’d just look,
Past me, not daring to meet my eyes,
The pain, the torture, was something I couldn’t bear.

I’m tired of crying, of trying to explain,
What did I expect from you ? Love ? maybe…
I’ve tried to move on, to forget you…
But, when I close my eyes…all I see is you.
All the times I’ve cried, it has no meaning,
Tears are only for the dustbin, I understand,
The hurt, the pain, it kills me…but, still,
I’m not able to stop…’coz when I close my eyes,
All I see is you…

You ask me to prove my love by dying for you,
And I say NO…not because I’m afraid of death,
I’m just afraid there’d be no one for you,
In your future, you’d need me, to face your fears,
Hold my hand to win the world, I want to be around,
To teach your children, grandchildren, my dearest…
Doesn’t matter if you care not for me, but, you do,
You accept me as the imperfect guy I am.
My affection for you is eternal, it will never die,
I will never be able to stop, because, when I close my eyes,
All I see is you…and all I want say to you is…
I love you. - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more


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