I love you…

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Back to poems…! I’m kinda rusty, so…bear with me.

As I lie in my coffin,
I realize that it’s too late,
Too late to come back to you,
Too late to spend more time with you,
Too late to understand I can never love you again,
Pity… All the good times had to end,
The dreams abruptly broken, reality disheartening,
Threatening… to take the breath out of me,
Already dead… I see you through my lifeless eyes,
Tears flowing down your beautiful cheeks,
The cheeks that I can never kiss again,
Oh…I wish to throw my arms around you,
To hug you and say I love you…
But the walls of this coffin allow me not…
Dear, I never knew you loved me as much…
Your tears betray your true feelings,
Why ? Why ? didn’t you tell me…?
I’d have lived to see you happy, lived to live with you,
But, then, all was lost, I didn’t have a chance to win you,
No point in sticking around I thought…a mistake.
God, please give me back my soul,
I’ll come back to you later…
But, now, I just want to wake up, break this wall,
Rush to my beloved, hug her, kiss her and say
I love you.

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