All the world’s a stage !

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“All the world’s a stage”. In the current scenario, the adeptness of this thought strikes me as fascinating. Here I was, flying into college with clipped wings, hoping to find friendship, love, joy, ecstacy and what not. Two years have passed since and I’m wiser for the experience. Suddenly, I found my bag full with soulmates, best friends, so-called friends and fakes. People never miss an opportunity to steal your 15 seconds of fame, and the more you begin to flourish, the more they begin to flounder. Too much of my life has been wasted in living for the ones who never mean an ounce for me personally. In fact, I tried to adjust, tried to cut down on my attitude, chained myself down just so that these fakes stop passing rumors about me. Whatever I do, every action, every emotion of mine seems to them as an attempt to sabotage their plans of impressing the opposite sex.

In that sense, I myself am a faker, putting on different masks while interacting with these guys. I imagine that my interaction will bring us close and make them stop passsing rumors but they never change. Either they are just looking for an opportunity to pull me down or waiting for my one elusive slip, to be able to rejoice at my failure. Sadly, they spend all their time spying on me that they don’t find time to acheive something for themselves. Sometimes, it hurts but you’ve got to live with it. There’s no time in life for brooding, right ?

It helps that I have a gang of unbelievable friends, to be able to support me emotionally through these difficult times. It sounds cliche, but the value of friends is something you can never write about. It has to be experienced.

So, I’m sure that when I pass out of college into the real world, I’ll be coming across even more competition, even more jealousy, even more controversy, even more fakes. I never feel the need to be unhappy about it. I’m quite sure that I’ll also be coming across even more joy, even more ecstasy, even more friends and even more soulmates. Cheers to life ! - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more


One thought on “All the world’s a stage !

  1. boy o boy vishnu y do u even care for those fools makin grapevine outta u. Be yourself be proud of it.thats what i all want to say .cheers mate

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