Mr. Dreamy Guy

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So, finally after experiencing a series of nail-biting thrillers by the name “exams” it’s time to look forward to eternal bliss. Holidays do not come at a better time ! It’s goodbye to being Mr. Goody shoes, Master of professional ethics, Discipline College of education.
Give me a break ! Experimenting is the in-thing. So, adieu Mr. Clean shave. Bye bye Short hair. Farewell Mr. Formals !
My poor sleeveless ! My dear jeans..! My darling ear-stud ! Mr. Cooling glass ! Here comes SuperDude to the rescue !
The ripped muscles on display. Where are the girls ?!
The bike ! The freedom ! The high 100s ! The visits to mocha…coffee day !
Here am I, dreaming of all the things that I could do in these holidays ! One month of Nirvana ! Hanging out never seemed so much fun. My poor college professors ! If only Mr. Intolerable pain-in-the-back chances upon me ! What a shock it must be to him !
Wings cropped up on either of my sides and I was ready to take flight into heaven !
“ Vishnu !”
Curses !!
“ Yes ma…”
“We’ll have to go to the temple today !”
“Temple ! Yuck ! Why can’t we go to Barista ?” I think to myself.
“What did you say ?”
“Nothing ! Nothing !”
“Ok. And the vegetables ! Go get them ! And shave your French beard ! It looks disgusting…”
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