Ten minutes…

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Traffic was at an all time high. I had difficulty in even maneuvering the handle-bar. I grew increasingly annoyed at the lack of communication. Irritated at the score of vehicles in front of me. I had to somehow reach the place. Soon. Three more seconds, two more… I strangled the accelerator, the Pulsar made a screeching sound, and I was off…

Finally, I was hitting top speed, the high 100s in a busy road. Honk, honk, honk and the stupid people scattered. I was flying… I could see a truck waiting to turn. I honked…The idiot. He had to wait.

Honk, honk, honk…

Suddenly, it seemed to me that the driver couldn’t hear me. Suddenly, I had this funny feeling that the truck driver was indeed going to turn. Horror drowned, I tried to twist the handle-bar. The tyres went screech…I hit the truck full force, the headlights crunched, and I was flung into the air, really flying this time, and just before I hit the ground, I realized to my dismay that my helmet lay on my bed at home.

“search him…He must have some phone in his pocket. Call his mom, dad, someone…Quick…”
“hey, here..here it is…”
“No need..There’s the ambulance..Call later…First lift him onto the stretcher. Come on, quick…”

I could sense my limp body being lifted and put on the stretcher. My eyes were blurred, my breathing heavy. I suddenly rememberd. “The message…The message….” I spoke, spewing blood. “What message ?” the man who helped me into the ambulance spoke in my ear. “My cell…The message…”

I could sense him taking my cell phone out. “Ya, some message…Not important. Lie down. Lie down. Don’t strain yourself. “

“Re..Read it….”

“It just says “No need to come. I’ll come by auto.”…”

I smiled, and I heard the ambulance siren splitting the traffic, the gentleman by my side looking at me with a curious face…And I thought to myself sadly…Oh mom…

Ten minutes too late….

Then… I thought of the doctor at the hospital… He would say the same thing…
And I smiled…

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