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Colorless emotion, ripped souls,
Detachment, separation, pain, agony,
Anguish, torture, suffering, distress,
Hell, games that life plays,
Overburdened shoulders and broken hearts,
Life has no time for losers, step aside,
Break down, cry, yearn comfort and pity,
Takes you nowhere, whipped legs in a desert,
The world won’t stop, people won’t halt,
Time and tide wait for none, self-pity might.
Love, fame, money, talent, god’s gifts,
Unlucky though we might be, pull your socks up,
Whatever happens, life has to go on.
Step up, face your fears, rise and stand amongst,
Stand out, chin up, once more, life invites,
Take things in your stride, success, failure,
Equally weighed, unequally distributed,
And yet…Fall to fate, die and rot,
People who once cared, move on,
Step over your carcass and defeat time,
Look down and wonder,
Is this what life is all about ? - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more


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