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I’ve hopelessly fallen in love with you,
My hands are bruised, there’s no coming back,
Every action of yours, every emotion,
That flick of the eyebrows, the widening of the eyes,
That smile that beats a thousand lights,
The motions of your hands, the swish of your fingers,
The tender voice, a whisper, but oh so divine,
Sometimes, I just wish I could tell you,
But, no, when I do gather the courage,
I try approaching you, I see you by my side,
I walk towards you, your eyes light up on seeing me,
A smile written across your face, you wait,
I smile back, my steps toward you gaining pace,
Though I walk, I dream, flying in heaven, bliss and joyous,
You draw closer, your face becomes clearer,
And still you prefer to stand than approach me,
Butterflies in my stomach, a churn, a moan,
My palms sweat, my heart races,
Three more steps…two more…one more…none…
Silence prevails, I can see, my reflection in your eyes,
Tension breaks, “Hi…I need to talk to you…” I utter.
“tell me dear..” you say and wait expectantly,
Oh it was at that moment, the wind blew a strand of hair
Onto your face, and I again fell hopelessly in love.
“what’s up ?” your eyes question me,
I look up into your eyes, a million thoughts run,
I want to say to you, I love you,
I want you forever in my life,
I want to hug you and make you mine,
But, I get lost in the beauty of your eyes,
And even as the world seems to blur,
My tongue finally gathers courage enough
I stutter, I stammer and finally I say…
And I hopelessly fall in love, again.

ImageChef.com - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more


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