An empty heart…

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Oh my dear friend,
Throughout my cursed life,
I’ve been living lies,
Been denying myself the joy,
Of being there for you forever,
All I’m left with now,
Is an empty heart.
I have always loved you,
Wanted much more from you,
But no, I stopped myself,
Just for the sake of friendship.
It’s a pain, for you hide your love,
You hide your heart’s desire
But, I’m not sure how you’d have taken it,
For you, Friends are just friends
and lovers are strangers.
Oh dear, I still cry thinking of the day
When I finally need to part with you,
Give you away to someone who
Doesn’t deserve you and love you,
On your wedding, I’ll be the saddest man on earth.
They say to win a diamond, you lose gold,
I lost everthing, just to be with you,
I love you more than anyone else does,
But, I know, six years from now,
I’ll lose you too…
Oh dear, Is there no way out ?
I need to stop writing now,
I’m crying…
But, still all I’ll be left with
Six years from now,
Is an empty heart. - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more


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