A pool of blood…

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Memories fade, incidents decay,
Voices turn to whispers,
Life moves on, leaving behind those,
Who can’t help themselves,
Time flies and anger yields,
Only the pain lingers.
Bubbles threaten to burst,
Squabbles turn to fights,
Life starts at eighteen, but,
Oh, ends, so awkwardly nineteen.
The trauma, the storm swallows,
Pride, ego and love forgotten,
Twists and turns treacherous,
Whips and burns pleasure us.
Lying in a pool of blood, a lake
Of death, a girl of nine raped,
A father of two, devil’s advocate.
Tongues out, A boy of twelve hangs
Peer pressure oh so loud,
Sex the key, the key to fame,
At fifteen, your fifteen seconds of fame.
Love for babies never so well proclaimed,
Time and tide wait for none, oh so ashamed.
Trials and tribulations, jails and revelations,
God waits, What we sow we reap,
What we reap makes us weep,
Life hots up at eighteen,
Hookahs, cigarettes, wine and beer inviting,
Nineteen is in, bring it on,
Clubs, pubs, discos, the young fad,
Ass, how dare you, that’s my gal !
Knives out, wrists sliced, love is pure,
So is death, and so is sorrow.
Fighting for a cause never got any bigger,
Twenty, and kids turn men,
The world soars, our lives sours,
And still we wait, the police included,
For God to come and wield his magic.

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