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Most of my life’s been one living hell,
I’ve had my back broken and my dreams shattered,
I’ve had my achievements wiped clean
With a whole lot of filth and dog’s shit.
I’ve had my back to the wall all these fuckin years,
I’ve been given a coffin to lay in and die,
Death, by the hour, by the minute, nail by nail.
No matter how many times you rise,
No matter how many times you triumph,
That coffin lies open, waiting for that one moment,
one slip, one fall, one bad move,
waiting for that one fuckin mo’ when something goes wrong,
It’s entire life is about lying in wait, crudely,
Cunningly, Ever so willingly for that elusive slip.
Oh, damn it if I fail to escape its clutches,
Damn it if I fall into its grasp,
Fuck, I want to live my life,
Go on, go on you dumb asses,
Try bringing me down, try pulling me by the leg,
Try to screw me, fuck me and spit me out,
I will leave my legacy behind.

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