Razor’s edge…

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I’ve been asked by quite a few of my blog’s long time readers(yes.. I do have my followers..!! Check my profile views if you still don’t trust me..!) that i must try to cut down on the level of english that I use (which is very low compared to normal standards anyway!). So, this poem is dedicated to all those people. I hope you enjoy reading this….

I’ve heard things about you that
I would like to believe aren’t true,
I’ve heard things from you, that makes me doubt
Whether our love for each other is really true,
I’ve noticed you talk to other guys,
But in a way that causes me discomfort,
Sometimes, that innocent laughter, the smile
That you share with the others cut me up
Like a razor’s edge.
I’m not comfortable with you mentioning
The guys so freely and so openly,
The fact that they’re calling you out someplace,
And the fact that you meet up wit them too.
I’m not sure why this feeling cropped up,
But, yes.. I’m jealous. I’m egoistic.
I want you for me and me alone.
You are the reason of my every dawn,
You are the reason that I live today.
And I want that reason to stay forever, mine.

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