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Well, when exams approach,
A sea of change is inevitable.
A blind eye, a deaf ear,
We seem to suddenly put down,
Those mobiles and the net lies
Untouched, perhaps for the better.
Long walks become quicker,
Long talks turn shorter,
Those dust-laden desks get a new life.
Butterflies enter your stomach,
We feel headaches more often,
And of course nausea and hysteria.
Everyone is on their feet,
Or, you can say on their butt,
Studies, studies, studies…
Atleast for today, atleast for now.
When everyone else is working,
Their asses on fire and assets on hire,
Why is that I don’t even feel a tinge,
Or atleast a hint of fear?
Why ? I’ve not even prepared, I guarantee,
But, why ? why don’t I feel afraid.
The answer is beyond me, but,
Sometimes I do feel sorry for the others,
Sometimes I do feel sorry for myself,
That trace of fear, that sweating of the hands,
The heart beat that betrays concern, panic.
University exams come calling tomorrow,
And here I am, the remorseless hero,
Writing these thoughts on my blog.
Well, what can I say ?

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