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This is my attempt at implicating DOPE. Check it out. Contains EXPLICIT lyrics.

What the fuck do I have to say
To the asses who poke their noses,
Into my butt, shit their life up
By screwing mine ?
Well, you bastard, come on,
Bring it on, I’ll smack you across your
Pretty ass and swipe your face with mud,
You jackass, deserving hell, come,
Speak to me to my face,
Look me in the eye, don’t grab
My shit and smear it across your bloody chest.
You dumb ass, do you think I can’t go
Around, spreading news about you,
Are the only one with a mouth that spews acid ?
Look at yourself, a Mr. Bean of this world,
Dog, don’t you least have a poodle to date ?
Where’s your parents ? Just look at them,
Blaming fate for giving them you,
I feel pity on them, but, ass, why should I care
For you ? A damn, A dime, An ounce of emotion..
No chance, you twittering jack, you faltering cow,
You lumbering ass.. You want to fight me ?
Come on, try. Game on, dumbo.
Stab me in the front, suck me out,
But, you tube, don’t try to screw me from behind.
I’m waiting.. We’ll match wits, life invites,
Ready to battle, you bumbling brain,
Throw whatever you can at me, go on,
I promise you, I’ll crush you and lay out
Your worthless carcass as a warning,
for those who dare to spike me from behind.
To hell with you, my friend. - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more


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