Together, hand in hand….

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Life will change color and paint us red,
Slowly our paths will begin to diverge
and our footsteps will start to fade,
There’s no telling where this world will take us,
No telling what each other’s fate holds for us,
But, one thing’s for sure,
No matter what happens, nothing will ever change,
To the point that we are not friends again.
Busy schedules and busier households beckon,
Friends will be forgotten and families forged,
Occasionally, we might look to the stars or to the shadows,
We will still find each other and still care for each other.
The world is round, and our circle is too,
We’ll forever be meeting up, chatting, catching up,
But, will it be wit all that innocence, or childishness,
Veils of family will separate us, threatingly,
But I just hope that our friendship survives
Throughout it all, and rise above it all.
I will be with you forever and you all with me.
Let the world throw its snakes at us,
We will stand tall, steady and focused,
Hand in hand, the might of God will fall,
And we will rise towards the heavens,
Together, in fame, success and life. - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more


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