The stranger in your life…

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Looking back, I fear to think of the future,
I fear that I may not be a someone in your life.
The memories of those golden moments,
And the pleasure of living them out,
Will elude me and give me pain,
The future looks bleak and pale,
Oh… How I wish I was that stranger in your life.
Sitting by you, I realize
I can never hope to have you,
I can never hope to share my life with you,
Rain and thunder rolls and brings me ecstasy and sorrow,
Oh the joy I get out of being with you
Can never wipe out the ache of realizing I can
Never be with you forever, by your side,
Happy and content in our own world.
Maybe, just maybe, we will be
Together in my dreams.
Together facing the world,
Facing the storm,
In each other’s arms.
Oh how I wish I was the stranger in your life. - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more


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