One last time…

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I find my soul heavy with untold love,
I’m here dying, leaving you behind,
Long after you go to sleep,
I still wait for that one misplaced dream,
That we may share together,
One last time, I wait for you,
To smile that lovely smile.
Oh, my heart aches with memories,
I can’t take it anymore, any longer.
How am I to live without you, baby ?
Oh dear, does it not ache, does it not pain you
To see me waiting for you every day,
Does it not bother you to see someone
Who loves you more than himself,
Oh baby, I’d live and die for your smile,
I’ll forever be by your side, lying in wait,
For that one flicker of emotion,
One moment of betrayal of
All those times, the greener pastures,
On which we wrote our love together,
Only to be brought down crashing,
My grave strewn with our love’s ashes,
Long before the pastures turn yellow.
I have no hope of living it out again,
No way that we could make it back again,
But, please, oh dear, please,
I wait for that one misplaced dream,
That you and I can share together,
One last time. - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more


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