Memories… And fate !!

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September 13th, 2008.

The 13th of any month is considered unlucky by many, but for me it was a bit different. I mean, we still had our fair quota of problems but sometimes relationships grow stronger in the face of adversity and I think that would sum the day up nicely.

I had been informed that the HOD declared a holiday for all the IT students today in the face of a strenous schedule the day before. But as luck could have it, I didn’t want to take a chance. So, here I was, the black sheep of IT ! But, I found to my pleasant surprise that there were atleast 13 others sheeps waiting for me in class ! This day belonged to us and we’d treasure it forever.

I felt that 13 of us hardly make a class and so we thought that it would be better if we all go back home. So, we informed our POC sir and made our way out. At the gate, we made the mistake of not getting gate passes for all of us. This mistake made our day, so I’m thankful to God. We just informed the watchman that we had no college today and stepped out to take a long walk to Manimangalam, our nearest bus-stop.

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Things were progressing quite smoothly and our mouth-gears seemed to be in constant motion. We threw caution to the winds and made it to listen to love songs at maximum volume. But then, things aren’t supposed to end up the way you want it to, right ? As luck could have it, we passed a vehicle that had our Chairman in it. But thankfully, it didn’t stop and so we thanked the stars and started to breath again.

But then, we heard the low monotone of a motorbike speeding up behind us after some time. Someone was shouting “Stop !! Stop !!” It was the college watchman. Though he was just pillion-driving, he was panting. “I’ve been asked by the Chairman to call you all back!” - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more

Was he joking ? I mean, we had walked a “LOOONG” way from colege already and to go back ? Oh dear ! But, we had no other choice and hence, we had to force our tired legs to change direction and walk, again !

Of course, as with any group of friends, some girls began to get worked up and sweaty. I couldn’t help but smile at their fear. “What will happen if we get bundled out ? My parents will kill me!!”
seemed to be one famous dialogue. Then of course, we started worrying about our cell-phones and started searching for places to hide it ! All this happened behind the watchman’s back !

To cut the story short, we finally reached the gate expecting to face the wrath of the Chairman. We, atleast expected to face the Chairman. But, when we reached the gate, we had the unenviable task of being faced by…the gate ! No one to face us, no one to threaten us, no one to screw us ! No one !!

Then we were led on a wild goose chase which led us to explore different parts of the college like the hod’s room, the library, the data structures lab, our class co-ordinator’s room and finally, our own classroom ! I could make a show out of our troubles but it would be best left unwritten. Those who were involved in the incidents of today will surely smile to themselves as they recount the happenings. Happy memories !

The adventure which began at 8.30 in the morning finally ended at 2 pm as we parted ways to board our respective buses back home, no doubt tired from all the running, but happy to upload our brainbox with memories that would lay with us forever, overcoming time, distance and fate. Take care all !

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Note: For all those who are wondering what Viva means it means… VIshnu VArdhan !!! Ha ha… Take care again !!


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