I’m back… no… I’m in between….

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It’s been a long time since I wrote my diary, so much so that it smells. As usual, I begin with a sorry.

11th September, 2008.

Dear unattended diary,

I’ve had schedules packed to my chin and above right now that I haven’t got time to catch with my old friends. Though this might be a lame excuse, I take a moment off to apologise to those poor souls. Sorry again.

This week has been quite a blast. I’ve got a few steady friends now and it’s really exciting when you look forward to messaging your gang after the dour experience that college offers. So, it’s a good thing that Airtel introduced this sms-booster pack. A boon for message-lovers and a boon for their business too… but a boon, nevertheless.

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Tomorrow, we have a symposium happening for the department of IT and I’m certainly looking forward to contributing in any small way that I can. I had been asked by the teachers to give a paper presentaion and had it ready, but then, our HOD declared that our college students weren’t allowed to participate. So, I had to put my plans in the waiting-list.

Anyway, tomorrow I hope to see the girls come alive in traditional sarees and cholis and what not. I regret my limited knowledge on the subject but I admit to have picked up whatever little I know from overhearing the discussions between my sister and my mom. Thank you.

It feels really great coming back to my diary and I realise that I’ve not lost my touch( whatever it is). I’ll get my diary across to you all everyday. It’s another of those not-so-important promises. If i keep it, well, it’s better for you, me and the entire world, but, if I break it, well, I’ll have to start my new post with one of those apology messages. Again !

Take care everyone,
Enjoy the day.

Shree Vishnu Vardhan


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