I remember those happy times

I remember those happy times,
The days when we were young,
When we were little children,
The days spent in the afternoon sun,
The days we fought,
The days we rolled on the sand,
And the days we threw tantrums.
O, how can I forget those days,
For that was the closest I’d been to you,
Oh, my dear sister.
Over the course of time,
Our roles changed,
We no longer fight,
We no longer roll over together,
O, the sorrow of being an adult!
The roles will keep changing,
Job, money, fame and family,
And then,
We’ll no longer be brothers and sisters,
We’ll be friends,
Maybe make a trip or two together,
But that’s about it.
My dear sister,
I assure you,
Though our footprints may diverge in the sands of time,
We’ll forever remain connected,
Through a common bond,
Our blood and our hearts.


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