Shah Rukh, Hitler, Lekha and Michael…

Re-post on the occasion of Michael Jackson’s birthday

May 30th,2008.

3:30 pm

I was watching T.V. when suddenly Shah Rukh Khan appeared on screen promoting yet another item. Wow, the man is great. I believe everything he touches turns to gold. But sometimes I do think he exerts himself too much and promotes one too many items. So, it was no surprise for me that his panchvi pass failed and his antics with the Kolkata Knight Riders fell flat.

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In fact, I was watching IPL the other day and I couldn’t help but notice how desperately Lekha Washington wants to be the darling of the press. You see, I might be wrong but I ‘think’ I can see her yearning for success, sinking to new lows each passing day. Well, I mean, she was excellent when she was the VJ in SS music, I particularly liked her bubbly attitude and a sense of carelessness reminiscent in children. But after she was unceremoniously dropped from Kettavan, I see all of that disappearing. And now, she interviews the “greats of the game” in a sombre and dour mood. There is absolutely no trace of her proactiveness and her keen interest in people. I do feel sorry for her. I’m her great fan you know.All this made me wonder whether it was just fate that these two people turned out the way they were or whether something else that determined their destiny.

I heard from my friend the other day that names really do play an important role in one’s success. I was tempted to find out. Luckily, I had a book on star signs by Bejan Daruwalla, so I decided to check it out. It had a section on numerology which really turned me on. So, I decided to check for Shah Rukh Khan first. So here was what I found out.

3+5+1+5+2+6+2+5+2+5+1+5=42. Here was 42’s interpretation.”Good for the arts. Your opposite number will help you. Signifies gifts and good fortune. You score in relationships. Group activities suit you best. It warns against dangers from falls.”Atleast 80% true, right?Ok, so then I decided to check on Lekha Washington. Here was her score.

3+5+2+5+1+6+1+3+5+1+5+3+4+7+5=56. It’s interpretation was” Nervous. Fond of luxury, pomp, show. A fine patron of the arts. Not an altogether happy number. Ambition could mock useful toil, and conceit could lead to ruin. “Wow… What do you say to that?So then I got really really interested and decided to check out a few more. - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more
My favourite star, Micheal Jackson (44) for example.Here is his interpretation based of 44.” The two fours suggest fatality, dignity and strength. Greed and avarice usually bring the downfall of this number. A strong BUT unhappy name valuation. “How closer to the truth can it get ?

I also found out about Karan Johar (27). ” A number of puissance, fame, tremendous creativity. Do not be swayed by outside influence or guidance.Rather, go your own way, rely on your judgement. A high voltage, magnetic number. A name valuation of prosperity. “What more can I say ?There were also terrifying interpretations of Adlof Hitler (End will be sudden…) and of Napolean Bonaparte (Defeat after initial success and glory…). I started to believe in this. But I must also admit some of them were wide off-target.

I’m not here to promote numerology nor do I condemn it. But i do feel for Lekha. The valuation of her first name (16) also isn’t that good. In fact, it is worse than her first valuation.” A good beginning but a poor end is the significance of this number. It shows a fall from power, grace, office, position. Unexpected shock or catastrophe is associated with this number. “I’m not saying that this will be the end of the world for Lekha. I’m not saying that her career won’t flourish or that she’ll fall from power or grace. In fact, from what I have known of her from news-reports or from her shows, I know that she is strong-willed and courageous. But, I brought up the topic just because i was afraid that, god forbid, she isn’t able to fulfil her potential.Lekha, there is no way you’ll read my blog or even know about it but if there is a God out there, maybe he will see to it that somehow you get to see it. I’m a great fan of yours and I don’t like you to not enjoy yourself or even smile for the camera with that childish innocence… and beauty. God bless you.


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