There’s a Ghost in my soup !!!

I’ve been really suffering from being over-worked these past few days. I’ve tried balancing my day. I work for just six hours a day now, but it still isn’t enough. Sometimes, you wish that you’d be lucky to have fewer people to tend to, but, for me, there is no such luck, what with my wife and two children and an entire joint family all the way from my mom to my third cousin to boot. Self-pity is uncalled for.

I’m a non-believer. In apparitions, ghosts and humans. I also happen to be a doctor. A young aspiring doctor. - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more

“Doctor Vasanth, a phone call for you…”

“Alright!! Get me line 3, now…”

“Dr. Vasanth here. Who is this?”

“I’m Dr. Vasanth’s wife ! Is he available ?”

“No… He’s busy right now… Could you call back later?”

“Of course not.. Hey, listen honey… You know my friend Ramya ? She is home. It seems her daughter Saranya wants to buy a few clothes for herself. Take her out for shopping, will you ?”

“Hey, absolutely no chance… I’ve lots of work pending… I’ll not be able to spare time. And that Ramya is an idiot. She and her ghost tales. I’m sorry dear but I’ll not be able to do it…”

“Dear, I’ve already asked the driver to drop her at your office…”

“What the…”

“She’ll be there any moment…”

Knock.. Knock…

“One second…” I take my ear off the receiver. “Yes… Come in…”

“Sir, someone called Saranya wants to meet you… She said it was important…”

“Important, my foot!! Ok… I’ll be there in a mo…” I tell my assistant and wave her away. I put the receiver back on my ear “Hey, are you on the phone ? Hello… Hello…”

I have never had my way, ever. In fact, the only time that my wife agreed to me was when I proposed to her. So, here I was, with this crazy 8 year old, in absurd pink top and green(!) pants, by my side.

“Uncle, I want that yellow one over there…”

“Uncle, this black pant is so cute… Could I have this too?”

“Oh… that orange shirt would go perfectly with my black pant?”

“Uncle, how could I miss that green top over there?”

“Uncle, are you sure you aren’t going to buy yourself anything?”

At the end of that one hour, I left my entire wallet and half my life at the store.


I was happy to finally get on my car and drive back home. Even if it meant that I had to share my car with my new ‘niece’.

“Uncle, have you ever watched powerpuff girls on tv? It’s a great serial. I love it!!!”
She didn’t wait for my reply.

“Uncle, are we near your house? Then, please drop me here. I’ll walk and come. I want to surprise my mom.”

I opened the door to let her step out. I was happy to let her walk. That would rid me of her atleast for a few minutes. I looked at my house and smiled. My dear wife would be waiting. With lots of love and… and… Oh dear ! Ramya !

My grin turned to a grimace. Ramya and her antics ! As if I would fall for her stories of ghosts and apparitions ! There was nothing more absurd. I looked back. I could see Saranya in the distance, ambling up with four bags of clothes. I decided to take a chance.


“So, there you are ! Finally… We’ve been waiting for you !!! See..Ramya !!”

I looked at her. The same old Ramya, it was. Porky face and all…

“And, take a look behind me…”

She stepped aside.

There she was. Saranya !! The same pink top and green(!) pant. My heart skipped and my head spun. I could rememeber no more. I dropped to the ground.


“Poor fellow… I don’t know what happened… He seemed shocked on seeing you Lavanya ! Oh well… He’ll come around… And there’s your sister… How was your shopping Saranya ?”

“What happened to uncle ?”

“I don’t know dear…”

“He was so nice…”

“He’ll be fine…Don’t worry…”



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