Friends and you…

I’m overwhelmed at the amazing response to my blog (pun intended) ! I mean, I’ve been on blogger for just about two months now and I’ve already had a little more than a hundred visitors ! Well, considering that these days, I don’t really bother to even update my blog with daily snippets of my college life, I consider it a mean feat. Well, I’m not actually boasting, but I consider it to be an achievement. Sucess is relative after all…

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I’ve never been so disinterested in college life this semester. Of course, I knew that to retain my fickle concentration over a period of five months is a tall ask even by my low standards but right now it seems to be getting closer to infinity than reality. To think that I got the first rank in the first unit test makes me blush now rather than proud, but I’ll get back to business again (or I hope to, atleast !)

I’ve had a rather entertaining week this time around, filled with some priceless moments fit to be captured and framed. But, quite recently, I’ve been developing a slight headache (though it doesn’t hamper my excitement in any way !) and feeling too low or tired to study for the weekly tests. I mean, give me a break !! Week in and week out we have tests and we feel bored and compelled to study. It results in more and more of the students gradually losing their interests and affects our grades too. It’s important that the management looks to satisfy the needs of the students than the wants of the parents because ultimately it’s the students who write the exams and wake up at 5 every morning and not the parents !

Friends forever…

Tensions, problems and mis-understanding crops up in any relationship at untimely intervals but it’s important to those concerned to have trust in the others. We can’t go about hating and doubting everyone we meet. We won’t have the time to live our life if we do so. Listen to your heart. It never lies. If it does, it’s because you’ve poisoned it with the venom of ego. No one can help you then. It can be cured only sometime in the future. When situations turn out in such a way that one gets to finally understand of who a true friend really is. That’s the best antidote to one’s poisoned heart. But, by that time, your true friend moves on with life, your so-called-friends move on with theirs and you’re left stranded.


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